Honey I’m home!

Baring any disasters, I expect to be back at home today.  I will be spending the day with all my children: my youngest boy who manned the house while we were away; my oldest boy who, at the time of this writing is expected to be back from his 5 1/2 month journey and my four legged child who has cuddles saved up for me.photo 2

There’s an app for that

I’m always a bit slow to get on board with new trends.  When answering machines came in, I hated them.  When cell phones came in, I couldn’t understand why people couldn’t just make their phone calls before leaving home.  I finally got a flip phone when my Dad got sick and I needed to be easily reached.  I hated texting on the thing because you had to hit the number buttons various times while it scrolled through the alphabet.  It would take a half hour to write a message.  Unfortunately, it was the only way my teens would communicate with me.  You can text your mother discretely but you can’t phone her without all your pals knowing.

I finally retired my flip phone last summer (yes it is true, I had a flip phone until last year) and got an iPhone.  Well, dang it all!  I now get what all the fuss is about.  I’m never far from that thing!  It is for that very reason, I don’t have a data plan and rely on wifi hot spots.  If I had a data plan I’d be surgically attached!

One thing I like is the apps.  Especially the free ones.  I’m all about the cheap thrills!  My latest fun thing is Photo Lab.  Oooo the great “WORKS OF ART” I have been creating.  How about me as an oil painting…


Or me in my husbands pocket watch.


I can’t remember what this one is called but it is pretty cool too.eab86cc1_o

My favorite is the sketch look.  I did several of these.


Shirley and I at the train station was followed by me on the beach.


I think the beach one looks most realistic.  The next one could be a future tattoo…


Awe!  What is your favorite app?  Would you give up your phone and computer if you could go back to the good old days?

In lieu of…

I am lounging in a post-Christmas haze of laziness.  Well, that is not exactly true.  I have been producing…just not in the sewing department.  After a busy year sewing, no huge Historical Sew Fortnightly projects due for a bit and no costume events until we leave this deep freeze, I haven’t felt the need to sew for a few days.  I have been lounging on the couch knitting random blocks of…well knitting.

I have been making blocks for a knitted quilt with the goal of using up a huge ball of turquoise acrylic wool.  This wool is completely useless for Victorian wear because of the color and fiber content and it isn’t a color I’d use for modern wear-too pastel.  Lord knows why I bought it.  Anyway, I have a book of random knitting stitches and I thought I’d make this turquoise wool up into the blocks using the different stitches.  In addition to using up the wool, I will be finding out what these stitches look like and how difficult they might be.  Ones that I like, might one day be used in a larger project.

Now, other sewing/costume bloggers resort to using photos of their cat being cute when they have nothing to offer in terms of completed work.  In lieu of the cat I don’t have, I give you my dog Ginger.

I was changing the blankets on the bed one day and look who climbed in.

I was changing the blankets on the bed one day and look who climbed in.


I know she needs a good grooming but, just look at that face.

I know she needs a good grooming but, just look at that face.

I could just kiss her…and I do.  She has been a sweetie pie sitting on the couch with me as I wallow in my post-Christmas laziness.


Mother’s Day Victorian Fashion Show and Tea

Last Saturday, Shirley and I put on a Victorian Fashion Show for our seniors in the nursing home that we work in.  It went very well and I do think our ladies loved it!  Here are some photos from the event.IMG_1178 - CopyI am doing a co-workers hair up.  I didn’t have permission to use her face so I blocked it out.  But I will tell you she REALLY suits the 1860s styles!IMG_1198Coco Worker is wearing one of Shirley’s dresses.  You’ve seen it before here and here.

IMG_1210 - CopyOur teen volunteer wore my dress based on an 1895 fashion plate.  I hate it when someone else looks better in your dress than you do!IMG_1227Here is Shirley’s new dress!  Isn’t it divine!

IMG_1229Another co-worker wore a dress made by Shirley and worn on Dominion day.

MOTHERS DAY TEA 030 - CopyThis is my new dress. The skirt is what I contributed to the Sew Fortnightly Challenge 11 Squares and RectanglesSAM_1102

This front view was taken at an earlier date and did not include the lace collar that I made and added on.