Honey I’m home!

Baring any disasters, I expect to be back at home today.  I will be spending the day with all my children: my youngest boy who manned the house while we were away; my oldest boy who, at the time of this writing is expected to be back from his 5 1/2 month journey and my four legged child who has cuddles saved up for me.photo 2

There’s an app for that

I’m always a bit slow to get on board with new trends.  When answering machines came in, I hated them.  When cell phones came in, I couldn’t understand why people couldn’t just make their phone calls before leaving home.  I finally got a flip phone when my Dad got sick and I needed to be easily reached.  I hated texting on the thing because you had to hit the number buttons various times while it scrolled through the alphabet.  It would take a half hour to write a message.  Unfortunately, it was the only way my teens would communicate with me.  You can text your mother discretely but you can’t phone her without all your pals knowing.

I finally retired my flip phone last summer (yes it is true, I had a flip phone until last year) and got an iPhone.  Well, dang it all!  I now get what all the fuss is about.  I’m never far from that thing!  It is for that very reason, I don’t have a data plan and rely on wifi hot spots.  If I had a data plan I’d be surgically attached!

One thing I like is the apps.  Especially the free ones.  I’m all about the cheap thrills!  My latest fun thing is Photo Lab.  Oooo the great “WORKS OF ART” I have been creating.  How about me as an oil painting…


Or me in my husbands pocket watch.


I can’t remember what this one is called but it is pretty cool too.eab86cc1_o

My favorite is the sketch look.  I did several of these.


Shirley and I at the train station was followed by me on the beach.


I think the beach one looks most realistic.  The next one could be a future tattoo…


Awe!  What is your favorite app?  Would you give up your phone and computer if you could go back to the good old days?

In lieu of…

I am lounging in a post-Christmas haze of laziness.  Well, that is not exactly true.  I have been producing…just not in the sewing department.  After a busy year sewing, no huge Historical Sew Fortnightly projects due for a bit and no costume events until we leave this deep freeze, I haven’t felt the need to sew for a few days.  I have been lounging on the couch knitting random blocks of…well knitting.

I have been making blocks for a knitted quilt with the goal of using up a huge ball of turquoise acrylic wool.  This wool is completely useless for Victorian wear because of the color and fiber content and it isn’t a color I’d use for modern wear-too pastel.  Lord knows why I bought it.  Anyway, I have a book of random knitting stitches and I thought I’d make this turquoise wool up into the blocks using the different stitches.  In addition to using up the wool, I will be finding out what these stitches look like and how difficult they might be.  Ones that I like, might one day be used in a larger project.

Now, other sewing/costume bloggers resort to using photos of their cat being cute when they have nothing to offer in terms of completed work.  In lieu of the cat I don’t have, I give you my dog Ginger.

I was changing the blankets on the bed one day and look who climbed in.

I was changing the blankets on the bed one day and look who climbed in.


I know she needs a good grooming but, just look at that face.

I know she needs a good grooming but, just look at that face.

I could just kiss her…and I do.  She has been a sweetie pie sitting on the couch with me as I wallow in my post-Christmas laziness.


Mother’s Day Victorian Fashion Show and Tea

Last Saturday, Shirley and I put on a Victorian Fashion Show for our seniors in the nursing home that we work in.  It went very well and I do think our ladies loved it!  Here are some photos from the event.IMG_1178 - CopyI am doing a co-workers hair up.  I didn’t have permission to use her face so I blocked it out.  But I will tell you she REALLY suits the 1860s styles!IMG_1198Coco Worker is wearing one of Shirley’s dresses.  You’ve seen it before here and here.

IMG_1210 - CopyOur teen volunteer wore my dress based on an 1895 fashion plate.  I hate it when someone else looks better in your dress than you do!IMG_1227Here is Shirley’s new dress!  Isn’t it divine!

IMG_1229Another co-worker wore a dress made by Shirley and worn on Dominion day.

MOTHERS DAY TEA 030 - CopyThis is my new dress. The skirt is what I contributed to the Sew Fortnightly Challenge 11 Squares and RectanglesSAM_1102

This front view was taken at an earlier date and did not include the lace collar that I made and added on.

Wanda B does pet rehab!

The nursing home I work in has pets.  Over the Easter holidays, one of our birds got sick and needed antibiotics twice a day for two weeks.  I do much of the bird care (as I’m one of the few that is not actually freaked out by them flapping around) so it fell to me to administer this medication.  Giving the meds is a hellish procedure for both the bird and I.  I had to catch her first in a little towel.  She is basically wild so that is the challenge.  Then I had to flip her on her back squirt the meds into her little beak and get her back into her cage.  Sometimes, she’d escape and I’d have to chase her around for a while.  I decided to bring the birds home for a week rather than have to go to work twice a day on my days off.  DSCF0047Then 6 days later, the cat needed surgery and he needed to be monitored for two weeks by one person.  He needed to be monitored because some of his meds are adjusted based on how he is eating and using his litter box.  With three shifts in the home there wouldn’t be one person watching out for him and mistakes could happen.  So off to Wanda’s rehab unit!  He is doing pretty good now.  And making himself at home! SAM_1044Here is my mad plan….Try and get some sewing done and get some photos of “cat vs sewing”!  I’m the only historical sewist that I know of that doesn’t have a cat that lays down on available fabric!

Bird sitting

One of the birds at work is ill and needs  antibiotics twice a day.  The process involves throwing a face cloth over her, picking her up, flipping her on her back and injecting the medicine in her mouth.  For a sick girl, she is very good at letting me know she is not amused.  It is an ordeal for both of us.  And there are not many co-workers willing/able to do this.  To avoid having to go into work on my days off, I have brought them home with me.  I don’t think I will be getting pet birds any time soon.  The noise is driving me crazy…whine, whine, whine.SAM_0989Obviously, the whining is coming from my dog.

Wanda B A Greaser?

I needed a 1950s outfit for a 1950s themed event at work.  I made myself a poodle skirt and a toole petticoat to go under it.  This era is not my passion so I did not invest a lot of time or effort in it.  I didn’t even iron out the folds that come from fabric being on a bolt. And I didn’t hem it.  I just used the salvage.   It works, it fits, I’ll be able to use it again.  Meh.  Not excited.SAM_0230The shirt is not quite right but I had it already and I wasn’t in the mood to shop for or make another white shirt.  The little poodle is cute.SAM_0231