So thankful it is Friday!

I can get quite Grinchy as I put up a dozen trees and all the other Christmas crap…I mean…decor that is to be had in a nursing home.  I know that I’m making a nice Christmas for folks who can’t do it for themselves and who may not have another Christmas.  At the same time it feels like WAY TO MUCH STUFF FOR WAY TO LONG for a generation that cut down their own tree on Christmas Eve, decorated it, had a nice dinner, exchanged a few home made gifts and put it all away on the 26th.   I sometimes wonder who I’m doing it for.  Certainly not for me.  Yes, for God.  Yes, for my family and the seniors I work with but a lot of the time I feel like I am doing it for the department stores.


I will just get through this Friday and some of the prep will slow down and I can start a whirlwind of hopefully fun Christmas events.  To help me get through the day I will look at a nicely calming fur soul.

A Limier Briquet Hound painted in 1856.

Well, that explains it…

I think I know what is going on with those stupid pop up ads.  I don’t like it but I guess I’ll have to live with it.  Here is what I found on WordPress’ help section.

We sometimes display advertisements on your blog to help pay the bills. This keeps free features free! We only run them in limited places, and we do not show ads to logged-in readers, which means only a very small percentage of your page views will actually contain ads. To eliminate ads on your blog entirely, you can purchase the No-Ads Upgrade for a single blog (per year).

So apparently, I’m the only one on my blog site who will be tormented with this crap…but I’m to cheap to cough up the cash to make them stop.  It does feel a hair like extortion, though….makes me think of the guy with the heavy accent and the nostrils that point towards his left ear that vows the store owner wont be robbed if he pays the protection fee.  Ok, slight exaggeration there….  I don’t like it but I don’t have to play their game.  No cursor will drift over those dumb red lines…no sireee Bob!

Anyway, on with the show.  Last week I shared what I might have worn as a 16-year-old in 1880.  By 1884 I would have been 20 and, surely, married.  So lets look at a wedding dress.  In my dreams I am well off so a white dress would have been feasible.  Just look at that lace at the neck edge.

1884 wedding dress from the met

Love it!

Made of silk and cotton

And now the smashing, grand train for the walk down the aisle.

Isn’t that divine!

I’m just not sure about the poof on the side.  Is it supposed to be there…the whole asymmetry thing…or is it just laying funny after being in a box for decades?  If I made this dress I wouldn’t do that poof thing.  I also wouldn’t do it in ivory for three reasons 1) I look better in pure white than ivory, 2) for sure the meal at the costume event would be tomato based and I’d end up dumping it on my ivory/white dress and 3) it would look too much like a wedding dress and some how a 47-year-old Victorian bride in white seems…well…off.  I don’t think they would have considered it dignified-even if she was still virginal.

Sweet 16 in 1880

I’m continuing with my idea of what I would have worn if I was born 100 years earlier.  Granted, this would have been in my poverty-stricken dreams.  In 1880 I would have been 16.  In those years I would have been working the marriage circuit….going to balls and such.  Sure, I’d love to wear a Worth dress but I’ll try to be a bit more realistic and pick this dress.  Just the dress-maker to the Princess of Wales….

Isn’t this amazing!  Sigh!

Now there is a statement train!

I wonder if the “gold” and “silver” was more intense originally.  Has it faded some?

Pretty, but not as nice as the front or side.

I think it would have been grand to been young in the 1880s.

If I were a tween 100 years earlier…

If I had been born in 1864 instead of 1964 I would have spent my tween years in the late 1870s.  I might have worn something like this….

1876 dress at the Met Museum

It is kinda cute isn’t it!    I think I would have been thrilled with all the detail.  The pink is more of a dusty rose than a “pink” pink.  That suits me…I’m not too fond of a true pink.

Room for a little bustle as their likely would have been a bit of a nod towards what was fashionable for full-grown women.

I can imagine a little straw hat with ribbons hanging down.  There would be white stockings and black boots.  There would be little bits of lace from the petticoat and bloomers peeking beneath the hem.  And you know I would have had tons of curls!


Never mind Fur Friday…It’s Free Friday!

Who knew!  The Met has put some of its out of print books up for free download!  Yee Ha!  Guess what my computer is busy doing!  These were my favorites.

From Queen to Empress: Victorian Dress, 1837–1877

Waist Not: The Migration of the Waist, 1800–1960

Our New Clothes: Acquisitions of the 1990s

Nineteenth-Century America: Furniture and Other Decorative Arts

La Belle Époque

Period Rooms in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Jewelry

Portraits by Ingres: Image of an Epoch

Dangerous Liaisons: Fashion and Furniture in the Eighteenth Century

The Age of Napoleon: Costume from Revolution to Empire, 1789–1815

I haven’t read them yet but, I’m fairly sure my main interest will be in the first few books.  But, there may be some tidbits in the others.  There were hundreds more books in the list and I encourage you to scroll through them all and pick your favorites.

Also, along the lines of Free Friday…how about a give away…The Dreamstress is giving these sweeties away:

If you want in on it, click on the above link and follow the instructions.  Easy!

If I were born 100 years earlier….infancy

Sometimes I like to look at museum pieces and imagine myself in them…don’t we all!  Then I got to imagining what each phase of my life’s wardrobe would have looked like if I had been born 100 years earlier.  So lets play that game together.

If I had been born in 1864 what would I have worn.  Well, my mom was Catholic so I was baptised.  I would have worn something like this (actually looks like a longer, less synthetic version of what I actually did wear!)

1868 Christening dress from the Met

I likely would have worn a bonnet.  I could not find an example of a bonnet from the 1860s but I imagine they did not change too much in form over the decades.

1853 bonnet

My every day wear would be basically shorter less ornate versions of this until I started trying to totter around.

Next week I will try to find out what I might have worn in the late 1860s as a toddler.

Must have accessory a la 1880s

Every elegant lady needs a “statement” cape for evening wear.  I doubt this lovely will keep to much of the cold off but it sure looks good.  I only wish I could reproduce it!

I love all the lacey dangly bits with the red peeking through at the top.

Here is the side view.

Not bad eh?

Ok, logic dictates that I show you the back now…


I just wish these photos showed the red like this next one does.If you’d like to see this in its original site (with more photos) click here.