Week to finish knitting projects.

I finished 3 knitting projects using wool I scored at a flea market.

The below project, is just something I did because I hate having left over wool. I don’t need it or want it…I merely wanted to play with the tweed stitch. It will be donated to a thrift store.

The project below was also started because I knew I had left over wool and wanted a break from the main project. But this is something I will use.

But all of this wool was left over from the following project which just got finished today.

I started knitting it years ago but stopped after only getting a small bit done on the back. Then when I went to Germany, I grabbed it for something to do during quiet times.Turns out, I stopped because I was struggling because of an error I had made near the beginning. But once I unraveled back to before the mistake, it came together quickly.

I used a pattern book that I think comes from the late 1950’s or early 60’s. The sweater is seen on the cover but I adapted the pattern because I like sweaters to cover my butt. I also used thicker wool and bigger needles to compensate for my size. I doubt even their bigger size would have worked on me! The bigger needles meant I had to adapt the sleeves…if I knit as many rows as they suggested, it would have fit an orangutan!


Little 9 patch lap quilt!

I finished a quilt. I really like it! I found a pack in a thrift store with 300 little 2 inch squares. Post COVID I needed a project that may brain could handle. And I love it!

Here are my favorite blocks.

I like the blue/yellow combo.
Blue/green is one of my favorite colors
Love the wild colors!
Can you guess why I like this one?
Backed and bound with this fabric.

Ignore all the little loose threads …I cleaned those off after I took the picture. And don’t look too closely at the quilting lines. They are not very straight and my machine was struggling to get through all the layers and that messed up the stitch length. I still feel happy when I look at it.

Coping with the plague

So….I got the plague.

The first three days I had every symptom except for the ones that might cause weight loss. Of course. But the fatigue and sweating (gross) were the worst. The fourth day started fine…I thought I was better but by noon I was back down again. Today is day 5. Coughing almost gone. Sweating manageable. Energy level…not fabulous but I felt like doing more than watching TV and playing video games.

What to do with this new found energy? I want to sew! But I have no band width to work on my 6 or 7 POGs (Projects On the Go). My sewing room is a disaster because of the fore mentioned POG’s so starting a new big project is dumb. And my brain is like mashed potatoes anyway. I needed a small project that I could finish in one sitting. I needed a project that the only shopping I need to do is my own stash cause…well shopping with COVID is not nice. I needed a project that I could actually use. So I made myself a hot plate.

I put batting in there and that was not needed! It is pretty thick! My machine struggled with the binding but on the whole I like it. Happy colors! I believe the pattern is called the Amish Star.

Doors Open Vaughn Street Jail 2022

This is a week late…you know how it goes…busy,busy, busy! We had Doors Open in Winnipeg and I was happy to be back at it. I missed last year because of a family wedding. I went the year before but COVID made it weird.

This year’s crew

I played Mrs. Lawler, the jailor’s wife. She lived in the jail with Mr Lawler and their 5 kids.

I wore my tea gown, which I’ve never really liked but it suited my character who was in her bedroom getting ready for the day.

I was set up just outside what used to be their bedrooms.

The studs are still in what we think were in the original positions.

My spot had this lovely feature over head (added 20 years after the original build).

I’m so boring!

Since this photo, a border has been added and the quilt sandwich has been assembled.

I have nothing great to talk about these days…get ready for work, go to work, run errands, cook dinner, veg out, go to bed… lather, rinse, repeat. Doesn’t make much material for blogging.

I have been slowly plugging away at a summer weight quilt for my new bed (see above). The piecing is my favorite part. Once that is done and the border is on , I struggle with motivation. I may have to look into what is involved (effort and money wise) to hire a long arm quilter. At least for the big projects. I’m sure watching me flop around on the floor this evening, trying to make a quilt sandwich was pretty funny.

Latest quilt

Not loving this latest project. In fact, I like the back better than the front. If I were a painter and this was a canvas, I’d be painting over it.

It is meant to be a star sampler quilt. Too much gold and not enough time spent moving the blocks around.

Another picnic quilt! How’s that for positive thinking!