Turn the page: holey jewels Granny Part 2


Last post addressed the “holey” part of my title.  This part addresses the jewels on Granny part.


Okay, there are no jewels.  But she sure is blingy with her broach, earrings and all the beading on her dress!


I’m glad I pulled her out of the book because the frame was hiding the wonderful detail on the cuff of her sleeve.  Is it a lace or embroidery?  Fabulous!

The card stock itself has a embossed stamp on the bottom.  There is a large photographers stamp on the back.  There is extensive information on the photographer, Warner Gothard here. He started work at this studio in 1893. (Based on the sleeves, I think the 90’s is when this photograph was taken.


The handwriting is cool.  I wish it was a bit clearer.  The clearest bit says our grand dame was 78 years old at the time of this photograph.  I can’t make out the rest.  I think this is possibly her name.  If anyone else is good at reading bad handwriting I welcome your input!


Turn the page: holey jewels Granny! Part 1

Time for the next page in the carte de visit book I now own.


On the right side we have a sharp dressed Granny and we will focus more on her next time.  On the left is a young woman and child.  It looks like it caught fire or … I don’t know what!  May be a baby was carved out of the photo and put in a locket?

What do you think?


She is holding something in her hand but I can’t make it out.  From what is left of the photo, it appears she is wearing a 60’s style dress.  I think the child is a girl and I think they are both rather pretty.

Here is the photo out of the album.


And here is the back.


It is the same photographer as previous pages. Here, here, and here.  And I think there is a family resemblance.

Sewing: none. Knitting: Some

Winter does not seem to be the time for sewing. Sigh. (I have amassed more notions for my current project though). All I seem to want to do is knit more blankets than one human can use!


2 dollars!

I went thrifting this weekend and finally found a pair of leather gloves that fit my big hands. They need to be stretched out a bit so at some point I need to soak them and wear them till they dry. The best part is they were only $2! Yeah me! They will look so good with my costumes!


Turn the page: next edition

The next pair of photos in the carte de visit album I bought a few weeks ago feature a fellow on one side and two ladies on the other.


The gentleman is rocking a “hipster” look!

This photograph was taken in Wilmington Delaware by a photographer known to have been working in the 1860’s.  The square corners on the card suggest this date is possible.

The ladies and their dresses are, of course, more interesting.


Just look at the hair style of the lady to the right!


The dating of the card is a bit of a mystery.  The sleeves on the dresses say 60’s to me.  But where are the hoops in their skirts?


Same photographer as these photos.  A family? And is the same girl as an earlier post?


What do you think?



Back to the real world

I’m home from vacation.  Stress levels lowered, body full of vitamin D and mind full of vivid colors (which is a real reprieve from the endless vistas of white beige and grey we have here at home).

Here are some highlight photos:


We went to Jamaica and stayed in a very nice hotel.


We did a lot of snorkeling and shell hunting.  These are my favorite finds.


While snorkeling we saw many animals. Sea urchins…

DSCN0210 (2)

…lion fish (I think)…


…a sting ray…


… an eel (this guy scared the poo poo out of me! It is a water snake and I hate snakes!)


We fed some fish who were well used to this game!

Under water, we also saw a lobster, flounder, octopus, crab and barracuda but either failed to get a photo or the photo was crap.


On land we saw cats. Lots and lots of cats.


Here is a cute little hermit crab.


There were many birds, but this garling is the only one we successfully captured on film.


The flowers were every where and so vivid!

The shaving brush tree is something I’ve never seen before.  It dropped a flower so I added it to my hat.  It lasted for 3 days like that!


We did do a bit of shopping. Mostly I needed something to tame my wild hair (humidity).

We did two excursions.


Dunn’s river falls.

I climbed these falls in my 20’s.  I do not recall them being so hard or scary.  But these old knees and flabby body as well as a healthy dose of self preservation (which is often missing in your 20’s) and an acquired fear of heights made this grueling so I took one of the “off ramps” about 3/4’s of the way up.  Hubby was able to complete it.

The next outing was to the Blue Hole.


The Blue Hole was a two fold excursion.  A dip in the Blue Hole and some tubing on a river.  Hubby opted to leave his water camera behind so no photos of this.  So here is the story.

I failed to understand that before you can take your dip in the Blue Hole you have to climb some falls to get to it.  Note story above.  The night before had been significantly rainy so the falls were moving rather fast.  For that reason we were given the optional life jacket (I’ll take it!) We were crossing the falls from one side to the other right next to a precipice, one at a time, with the guide helping each person.  So obviously a tricky part.  I lost my balance and fell and the water started pushing me towards the edge.  In my mind I saw myself going over and at best breaking a leg or a worst cracking my head or neck and ending up permanently disabled or dead.  I was terrified and I believe I cried like a little girl.

Mercifully the sure footed guide Daniel (who’s name I will never forget and will always be in my prayers) was able to stop me from going over until the hubby and the other guide (Little T who was mercifully not little) were able to get to me and get me back on my feet.  I did get to the top of the falls this time (with guides being very attentive to my fears) and did enjoy the diving and swimming part.

The rafting was way more to my speed.  No need for me to rely on my knees and crappy sense of balance!

So except for the “little scare” I had a great time in Jamaica.  I feel rested and ready to face the rest of the winter!




Turn the page: kids

Next up is a brother and sister set.



Out of the sleeve.


Connon and Elora?  The name of the photographer or the kids?  I hope it is the kids! I like the names a lot!  If I were naming kids at this stage of my life, I consider those!

The little guy by himself in and out of the sleeve.