Functional and cute

In the basket of goodies that I bought last week (which included all the books I mentioned in my last post) there was a cute pin cushion and thimble holder. 

Pretty sweet. It is not Museum worthy so the best thing to do is use it as it’s maker intended…a pin cushion.


Shopping Queen scores again!

I found a sale last week that really thrilled me. It included a stack of books that will keep me busy for ages! 

One combines my love of old photos and Victorian fashions.

The next is a very tattered version of Godley magazine.

Here is another sweet title!

And another.

And a home made collection of photo copied pages.

Lots of yummy things for me to flip through.

Flea Market score: Part 2

As part of my anniversary gift this past weekend, I got a stack of cards for my stereoscope.  Some in better shape than others.  I do wish I could make them 3d for you.


I love the little girl with her cat. It doesn’t even look stuffed.


Keeping with the animal theme, a couple of cows.


Rascal up to no good!


More shenanigans!


What is shenanigans without someone to gossip about it!


Family life?


A stereoscope card of a woman looking at a stereoscope.


Check out the lady’s skirt on the left. Nice eh?


Very faded but surprisingly good in the stereoscope. I guess looking at two pictures at the same time makes if more sharp.


Nice colored one.


Apparently weighing the baby was a big deal!

Not a bad haul in my opinion!


Flea market score: part 1

Sunday, the hubby and I celebrated 29 years of marriage.  I am a good wife and I know Sunday is football day so I suggested we celebrate on Saturday.  I am also a smart wife.  I asked the hubby on Saturday if he had bought my gift yet.  He hadn’t.  To his credit, I hadn’t bought his either.  So I suggested that we go to a flea market and we each buy something we want and that would be our gift from the other.  He agreed (likely was relieved to have gotten out of the horror of trying to shop for me.)

I “got” two things for the anniversary and I will share them both with you, dear readers, this week.

I got this lovely little doll!


Done in 1890’s style.


The skirt is velvet and the top so some sort of satin.


She now has a prominent space in the sewing room.

Me Made Purse

Money is a bit tight…well not really.  I’m just a bit cheap.  I have been using a purse for the last little while that is falling apart.  At first I didn’t care but it got to the point that I was embarrassed by it.IMG_20180903_154546691

So I decided I needed a new one but I didn’t want to spend the money on it.  I thought I’d do a bit of stash busting and selected some fabric left over from a mantle I made.


I didn’t use or make a pattern.  I just winged it as I went along.


I put two huge pockets on the front and back (all girls love a pocket!)

And I cut the rings and clips off of the old purse.


I’m not loving how it hangs…I made it too wide.  Apparently you can have too much space in a purse.  IMG_20180903_160359812

For now it will do until I can find a purse I am willing to cough up real money for.  Then it will serve as a carry all.

Where was I?

In my last post I shared the photos of my completed Olive Dress.  What I didn’t tell you was where I was when those photos were taken.  I was actually an unpaid extra in a movie about the 1919 General strike in Winnipeg that became a very prominent event in the history of Canada. 30 thousand workers from many classes and ethnic groups came together and marched and basically shut down the whole city.  The strike was so effective that the Canadian government (for fear that there would be sympathetic strikes across the country) became involved and the leaders were arrested.

The scenes I and the other extras were involved in were the street marches and the rush of deputized RCMP’s on horseback who were sent in to break up the strike. This resulted in several injuries and one death.

Three perks to the event…

  1. New life experience to add to my memories.  Not a bucket list thing but pretty cool non the less.  I wonder if this film will ever move beyond film festivals to a venue I might actually see it.39976357_2194916177204057_72800769409024000_o
  2. I found a person that might actually buy some of my costumes off of me.  I have about 3 that I’m not really in love with anymore and if I made something that I liked better, I’d be happy to part with them.
  3. I actually got offered a job.  It is to work as a casual seamstress in the costume department.  The deal is that if a production requires more costumes than the costume department can crank out, they will call on casuals to step in an help out.  The money could be quite good, and according the person I spoke to, they always need help.  Since I’ve never sewed for other people, this is a daunting thought!  I’m curious enough to want to ask more questions but scared enough to believe that I wont go for it.39953553_2194288170600191_7851649054055333888_n

I wish I had some more photos to share with you but something went screwy with my camera and I lost all my photos.


Nothing like a dead line to get a UFO to the finish line.  1909 Olive dress is done.  Finally.  I only conceived of the idea and bought the fabric 2 years ago!  It had its first trip out last Thursday.  There are a couple of things I hope to tweek eventually but for now it is done and wearable.



One of the things I want to fix on this dress is the decorative buttons on the bodice.  They need to move up a bit.  I have to remember to smooth down the bodice over the “girls” after I lift my arms.  Other than that, I am happy with how it turned out. It was pretty comfy.