Staycation:explore a store

Last weekend, I took a “staycation” and I did a bunch of fun little things.

Monday was my 30th wedding anniversary so hubby and I went out for a nice meal.  Unfortunately, I left a pot on the stove and that gave us a wondrous late evening project of trying to get all the smoke out of the house.  The stench of burnt Teflon has been the gift that keeps on giving a week later.  The chicken I was trying to cook to make my fussy diabetic dog want to eat her “healthy” dog food was reduced to black ashes.  Not a shining star moment to be sure!

Tuesday I had a doctor’s appointment followed by a massage.  The massage was wonderful and I felt very invigorated afterwards so, instead of walking home, I walked to the grocery store to replace the incinerated chicken.  As I walked through the store, feeling so good, I decided I’d do my grocery shopping a day earlier.  It wasn’t until I got through the check out that I remembered I had lent my car to my daughter-in-law.  After the short walk home carrying 8 heavy bags of groceries (one of which got lighter once the jar of pickles ripped through the bag and smashed on the concrete) I no longer felt relaxed and invigorated.

Wednesday, I went and had coffee with my mother.  On my way home, I stopped by a store to explore.  It was a store that I just couldn’t figure out how it stayed open.  21

How do you make money selling rocks?

When I first went in, I was surprised at how big it was.  I started walking around and found what you’d expect in a rock shop…rocks.


Amber, my favorite rocks.


Rock paraphernalia, including things for people who are into the belief in the power of rocks and crystals.


Then I looked up and saw a random corner of antiques for sale. Yes, I squealed.


Isn’t this cute!

Next to the antiques was the store pet, Frank.

Frank was in the little nook where you could sit and have some tea.


Next to Frank was some books for sale and next to those was the store pet birds.


The birds sat next to the Crazy Dutchman man. People can pick a geode out of the barrels and break them open to see the insides. To the left of that, there was a water trough where you can pan for gold (pyrite).

For folks into fossils there was much to pick from.

I found something hubby would like…shark teeth.


I now see how this store survives!  It was highly entertaining and there was a few things I could want and afford!


It seems a bit odd, but I think it could be a fun little place to do a costumed outing.  There are a couple of photo spots and having a cup of tea would be nice.   Perhaps after seeing the cemetery down the street….



I tried my hand a nalbinding, the viking form of “knitting”.  My first attempt was a fail.  The wool was too fine for my skill level and it was too “holey”.  My second attempt was better in terms of the holes but the technique uses several shorter lengths of wool that you attach as you run short.  The knots were too bulky for my tastes.

I’ll use it as a bag to hold my hair ribbons but other than that, I am not thrilled.

If ever I get the desire to try it again, I will use the same thickness of wool but I won’t use a cotton again.  It isn’t fuzzy enough for the technique of rubbing the two ends together to form a joint solid enough to hold two lengths together.  I ended up having to tie the ends and that is not the correct method in nalbinding and it made it far to lumpy.


Red fish, blue fish

I like my job.  I have a new position running a day program for seniors with dementia.  My co-worker and I are both very independent workers so we are left to do things our own way…just the way we like it.  So after a successful fund raiser, we were left to decide what to do with the profits.  We decided some pets would be the thing.

I’m quite pleased with our little arrangement.


There are two red fish, one blue and one yellow.


They have already been a great success.  It calmed one weepy lady, distracted one who was anxious, and gave several something to talk about.  It was nice.

Wonderful weddings

I’m making the assumption that the next two photos in my latest album purchase are wedding photos.  And I think they are about 25 years apart.

The first is from around the 1890’s if the sleeves are anything to go by.


Early 90’s if you go by the hair.  The gown is stunning!

There is a single name on the back.


I can’t quite make it out.  Paine Gerret? Peirre Verret? I don’t think it is the name of either of the people on the front.  Usually, when we write the name of the subjects we write everyone’s name…unless it is a large group like a class photo or hockey team.  I know that when I have handed out school photos, I write the name of the person I intend to give it to so I can keep track of who got what in the handing out phase.  I’m thinking that this is a possible reason for the single name.

Our next couple is from 1918.



I love it when the photos come with some solid information.

1908 Green dress

I haven’t been able to get to the Costume Museum lately.  Because of parking and other issues, the volunteer sessions I loved to attend got moved to a less regular schedule with many of them being held when I am working.  But through a Facebook friend, I did get to see one dress I have not seen from the collection.


Don’t you wish we still dress like that!  Look at those details!

A few more photos from my last album buy

The next page in my cabinet card album is not what I personally want to see…an empty window and a 1950’s/60’s woman.

IMG_20190701_083215086Not my cup of tea but still pretty awesome!

The following page is better…for me!


The gent doesn’t do much for me.  I just can’t get into men’s fashions.  They all look the same to me so I can’t put a date on them.


But the woman!  Look at her!


The hat says Edwardian era to me.  The coat says she has money.  The spats says she has style!  I didn’t find much on the photographer (but neither did I put much effort into it).