My old Singer treadle machine

I’m back for my second stab at using the new millennium while talking about an old millennium.  In my first post I mentioned that I learned to sew with my dear old Grandma teaching me on her old Singer treadle machine.  She later gave it to me when she moved.  It was my first antique.  It still had the treadle option but someone had an electric motor added to it.  I confess I liked the treadle better…some how it felt more authentic to the machine.  The cool thing was all the attachments.  The attachments and the original instruction booklet were kept in the case’s drawers (that locked).  There was a button hole maker and a ruffle maker and hem thingy and a few other things I don’t remember. 

But here is the proof that I’m an idiot.  About 17 years ago I wasn’t sewing much anymore so I decided to sell it when I moved.  I’ve regretted that idea ever since.  I’ll tell you a secret…I’ve been looking on the internet for that machine or one just like it in the hopes of buying it.  Wouldn’t it be a miracle if I find THE machine?  It has to have the Egyptian motifs like this machine.

It has to have a plain case like this one.

Isn’t the internet wonderful.  I can find pictures that matches the elements of the machine I had (because I’m an idiot I didn’t take pictures of MY machine.)  Anyway, I also want to find a machine that fits the key I still have.  I don’t know if it is a further sign of my being an idiot or just a cheerful happenstance but I couldn’t find the key that went with the machine when I sold it.  I did later find it I have incorporated it into a chatelain I made for a costume.

The key still has the little crochet tab Grandma put on it so she could pin it in a safe place.  That tag does nothing for the costume but in my older years I have learned the value of sentimentality and I refuse to cut it off.  Wish me luck in finding my machine again…..

4 thoughts on “My old Singer treadle machine

  1. I’ve been googling the machine and I think it was from somewhere around 1908-13. Wow.

  2. I wish you all the luck in the world! I would love one of these machines!

    One of my friends found one in her grandfathers garage that he was going to chuck out, and managed to rescue it. It now has “pride of place” in her living room and I am so jealous when I visit!

  3. […] one final good news story: when I was a young mom, I sold the old treadle sewing machine my grandmother taught me to sew on when I was just a kid.  I regretted that move from the moment I […]

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