The Chicken Costume

I wish I could say that I have plenty of opportunities to wear period costumes.  Alas, I do not.  But, I have plenty of opportunities to wear costumes in my job.  In fact, the folks in my seniors home are disappointed when I fail to show up in one!

I find wearing a costume quite freeing.  People look at you and know you are not dressed normally so they don’t expect you to behave normally.  If I walk up to someone I barely know and give them a big hug they will be calling to cops.  But if I dress like this….

Myself on the left and my coworker on the right.

Ok…likely they’d still call a cop but at work I can get away with this.  How did I achieve this glorious look?  I found a white skirt and hoodie at a second-hand store.  I bought the white face paint, chicken beak, stockings and feather boa at a store that specializes in costumes and party supplies.  I also bought angel wings at the same store.  I pinned the feather boa to the front of the hoodie.  I choose pinning over sewing as it would make it easy for me to use the hoodie later for mucking about the house.  I used a big red glittery plastic leaf on the hood to represent the comb (that was also pinned on).  The crowning glory was the feet.  I took the yellow plastic dish scrubbing gloves that I found at a garage sale and I stuffed the fingers with toilet paper.  I then slid the gloves over a pair of shoes.  Ta Da…chicken feet!





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