Baby, it’s cold outside!

Winter has set in with all its glory.  Brrrr!  I hate this time of year.  For the next 6-8 weeks I can look forward to freezing within minutes of stepping out of my home.

Typical winter scene….

For those of you who live in warmer climes I will explain something.  It is so cold that our cars come with built-in heaters that must be plugged into an electrical source if the car is not going to be running for a while.  My employer has provided plug-ins in the parking lot.  But this convenience only works if you remember to use it and only if you remember to unplug the car before you drive away thus avoiding ripping the cord to pieces.  I usually do each of the above dumb bum moves once per winter season.  Today was the forget to plug it in day.  After 8 hours of sitting in the cold my car refused to go when I was ready to go.  I can’t say that I blame her.  So my hubby had to come and jump-start my car.  I nearly froze to death sitting in his car waiting for him to finish rescuing me….

I have had enough of the cold and choose to think back to the golden days of summer.  Last summer I had what I refered to as a staycation.  I could not afford to go anywhere so I decided to be a tourist in my own home town.  My focus was mainly on our historical sites.  Sometimes I was able to convince one family member or another to go with me, sometimes not.  I’m past the age that I will forego something I enjoy if no one will go with me so sometimes I went alone.

One of the places I went was called Riel House.

Riel House

The original house of Mr. Riel.  His body laid in this house prior to his funeral.

A brief description of the man.

My tour guide talking about spinning and knitting wool.

I was quite obsessed with the clothing displays….

These little bits of undies were displayed on the bed…

Louis’ mother was aboriginal and she lived with Louis and his family so it was appropriate that there be some aboriginal items in the home.

A lovely beaded bag

And for the men…

woven sash

The sash was very popular amoung the French Voyagers in this area.

So what became of the man…Well, you can read about it in the last paragraph in the next picture.  It is a big fuzzy but I believe legible.

I think tomorrow I will post about some books I found at a used book sale….


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