Petticoat done…I think.

I’ve got my petticoat done now.  There is a possibility it is too long.  I’ll put it and my hoops on and try a couple of pairs of shoes and see.  If it is to long I will sew in a fold/ruffle thus getting the right length and perhaps adding to the poof of the skirt.  I used Truly Victorian’s free downloadable pattern.

I just printed it up....

 I cut my material per instructions…except I forgot to measure if my material was as wide as the instructions and ended up with one piece I did not need…Unless I grew to 7 feet tall.  Anyway, I’ll use that piece for something else.  I sewed all the pieces into tubes.

I sewed on a bit of lace.

 Then I pinned the lower tier on with lots of little pleats and sewed it down.

Ruffle added

 Then I added on the waist band which I had sewed so there would be a hole for the string.

All those ugly fraying ends went inside the waist band

 Once the band was on, I whip stitched the inside seam, pressed it, added on the string and put it on Trudy.

Done...but a bit long?

 Not a great photo…lots of shadows that makes it looks like it isn’t in the correct bell shape.  You’ll have to take my word for it.


2 thoughts on “Petticoat done…I think.

  1. Is Trudy the name of your dressmakers form? How cool! I should think up a name for mine! 🙂

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