Day two…

It was a lovely day today!  After catching up on my sleep and settling my luggage into a more usable state (there seems to be an unwritten rule that each baggage handler has to take each bag and shake it before tossing it upside down on the pile) I went for a walk in the neighborhood.  The neighborhood is a Victorian’s heaven.  The first house I took a photo of is the inn I am staying in.  Abbeymoore was built in 1912 and is an award-winning B&B now.

Abbeymoore B

Then I took a photo of my favorite house immediately across the street.

Don't you love the stone fence.

 Then I looked down the street and found several new favorite houses.

I love the gingerbread on this one. I'm so-so on the colors.

 I love this Tudor house too.

Love this!

 We went to the shore and did some shopping.  (Found a couple of thrift stores.  I didn’t find anything but the hubby found some hockey memorabilia).  After that we went to a marine discovery center.  Here is some of the best photos from that.



A Basket....I can't remember the rest of its name. But it is an animal not a plant.

 I can’t remember this fishes name either but I think it is a good photograph.

I like this photo....very screen saver.

One last fish one….

 Doesn’t he have a sad face?  Then we have to show you the photo-op of me….

I miss my puppy so I have to get some fur love....

Don’t know what is up for tomorrow but I’m sure it will be great!  Did I mention it is supposed to snow at home?  Ha!

4 thoughts on “Day two…

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    Don’t forget you will be back,and in often snows in March. Don’t curse us.PLEASE!!! After seeing the beautiful Victorian homes there ;I think I would like to tour our city. There are some very nice homes in River Hights.

  2. You are right Shirley…there are some nice ones in River Hights. I should do a walk about there too.

  3. Shirley A Victorian says:

    Maybe in costume?

  4. Perhaps….Most of those houses would be 1900ish…

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