Vacation day 4


 Today this hubby and I went for a walk down the street the Lieutenant Govenor’s mansion.  There are nice walking paths there that are open to the public.

Its big but not as nice as the other houses I have been looking at. The grounds are nice though.

Then we went to the Butchart Gardens.

Hubby and I

 Before touring the gardens we went to their high tea.

Tea for two

 Once fortified we toured the gardens.  The Butchart’s mined lime for cement.  They built their home next to the quarry.  Later on Mrs. Butchart gradually converted the whole thing into a huge garden.  It was quite nice to see now but in the summer it is FULL of flowers.  My favorite part was the Japanese Garden.

Entrance into the Japanese Garden area

 There were lots of tranquil spots that begged for a good book and loads of down time.

This must be really nice when in full bloom.

 We also toured the house the Butchart’s lived in.  It wasn’t much on the outside but the inside was nice.

The veranda of the house that looks out on the Italian garden.

 And they set up a carousel for the kids…I couldn’t resist!

Yeee Haaaa!


 You can’t go to BC without the obligatory totum pole photo.

These things are fairly common in BC.

Bye until tomorrow.




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