First leg on the return trip home.

We are in Vancouver now waiting for my friend to meet us for dinner.  I had hoped we would get some awesome shots of the ferry ride (missed them on the way out because the camera died) but the rainy, foggy weather got in the way.

A ferry going the opposite way. Foggy isn't it!

 We are also having another problem-the touch screen of my camera is broken.  I have no idea what I am pointing at.  Hence the pole in the middle of the photo.  I hope the warrantee covers its repair!

Before catching the ferry we went on one last Victorian mansion hunt and this is my favorite from that walk.

The hubby's cousin once stayed on one of the apartments. Lucky!

Bye Victoria…I will miss you.  One day I hope to live there!

4 thoughts on “First leg on the return trip home.

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    I hope you can live there too, then I will have someone out west to visit…and see all those great things.

  2. I’m gonna have to start buying the lotto tickets I guess!

  3. valarielynn says:

    I’m hoping to be able to visit Victoria too later this month. I’m flying up to visit my Mom in WA, and we usually try to ferry over there via Port Angeles. It all depends on her schedule and the weather. I love Victoria and have been there many many times. I usually try and go to a tearoom each time also. I too would love to live there. So many cute little houses in the residential areas. I’ve never been to Craigdurroch(sp) but maybe this time I should try.

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