My volunteer application

Last week I sent off a volunteer application for my favorite house museum, the Dalnavert Museum.

Dalnavert House built in 1895

Ok, so it isn’t as dramatic as Craigdarroch but it is pretty nice for my small burg.  You enter the home via the servants entrance.  I’d love to come through like a member of the upper crust!


We also got a peek of the pantry, which had a really sweet tea set.

Have I mentioned I like tea cups?

Our next stop was the basement where they had several different washing machines on display.  I must say, if I lived in the Victorian era I’d have to have a “girl” to do that.

Just off of the main hall is the sun room for the lady of the house…


and the study for the gentleman…


Oh, I forgot to say who the gentleman was.  The home was built by Hugh John MacDonald who was the son of Sir John A MacDonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister.

The upstairs has the usual family bedrooms and the rooms for the two servants.  Nothing wild about them…but the window seat is really pretty!

Can imagine my flowy morning gown, a cup of hot chocolate and a good book right here….

The closet was totally wonderful too.

A dress…perhaps evening or dinner?

The tour guide thought I was totally weird when I blindly reached my arm into the closet to take this photo….

Looks like a bustle.

The final stop was the bathroom which looks pretty normal really except for the medicine cabinet that

A drug addicts paradice!

I tried several times yesterday to make this post…here is hoping that when I hit publish it will work!


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