You have to be weird to do my job…

I work in recreation in a nursing home.  We dream up fun things for our folks to see and do and then we have to pull them off.  To save money, we frequently borrow from our private stashes at home.  One day this week I was looking at my list of things I needed to bring to work and laughed thinking, “If I die in a car accident, what will the rescue crews think of the bags in the back of my car!”

Bare in mind that none of this stuff is being used for anything but work!

At the top right you have…..

Goofy Day supplies

a feather boa, a yellow and green jesters hat, sequence shoes and a rubber pig nose.  This is part of my costume for goofy day.  The golf balls, elastic and bath mats on the right were used for contests being held on goofy day.

And then there was my donation to the homes pet rabbit.  Looks like my lunch but it is not.

yum yum

The last bit seems really odd, and when taken in combination with the other weird stuff, would possibly prompt a police officer to “bring me in for questioning!”  It does look like something an evil predator might pack around!

Now this is just odd!

We have wire with alligator clips, electrical tape, toilet paper roll, mechanical pencil, plastic container with lid, half and half cream, whipping cream and antacid. These items were for several science projects we doing for our seniors to watch!

Yup, have to be weird to work in recreation!

2 thoughts on “You have to be weird to do my job…

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I just hope that if you ever get pulled over, you aren’t wearing three pig nose!

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