One step forward two steps back.

I took one step forward on my bodice and bought some boning.  I had heard these work pretty good.

Yeah! One step forward!

Then I pulled out my sewing only to find I had taken two steps back!


There had been a pen laying on top of it….arg!  Luckily, I have miles of the fabric still left!  There would have been some wailing and gnashing of teeth if there hadn’t been left overs.  I was just annoyed because this would be the third time cutting this piece out!

I had to cut it the second time when I decided I needed to take it in by an inch and a half on both sides but screwed up and didn’t leave enough material for my hips!  I hope this doesn’t turn into the bodice from hell!

12 thoughts on “One step forward two steps back.

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Oh, that is horrible! I’d still be wailing and kicking my feet….

  2. Shirley A Victorian says:

    Sorry it hapened..Glad you have lots……You can make a great bag out of the damaged pieces…..or use it for hat trim. Its not a waste.

  3. Emily Scott says:

    Oh no! I hate it when I have to re-cut pieces. Use what you can for a hat trim or something.


    • You’re the second one that said I should use it for hat trim…guess I better fish it out of the garbage. I chucked it because it annoyed me to look at it!

      • Emily Scott says:

        I do that too, and then fish it out later when I feel guilty for throwing away still salvageable fabric. I’ve started storing all mess-ups in one spot to save me from further guilt.


      • I have a lot of bigger sized scraps and since I don’t quilt, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all of it. There is only so many hats and bags one needs! I may start making Barbie sized clothes. Trouble with that is you can’t use anything with big patterns on it. Maybe, I will have to start quilting.

      • Em Scott says:

        My younger sister uses my scraps to make American Girl doll clothes. That’s actually how I started out sewing! Keep the scraps and then make an awesome poor person/beggarman costume for Hallowe’en.


      • lol! a begger swaddled in chunks of mis matched silk taffetta! How is that for irony!

      • Em Scott says:

        It’s entirely possible if you think about it. We’ve been recycling other people’s thrown out textiles for centuries

      • If the beggar was patched in taffetta, the taffetta would likely looked used. In those days a fashionable lady would wear that dress, remade many times before passing it on to someone else…perhaps a child who would then have it remade to fit her…the chewed up scraps that were cut off would then end up on the rag mans jacket.

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