So it isn’t the bodice from hell!

I’ve had a super productive day and I’m really pleased with how my pagoda sleeve bodice is coming along!

There it is, on Trudy. It really isn't that wrinkly in front. Wierd lighting.

I’m really please with how I matched the pattern in the front.

It is just pinned in place right now but it looks like it is going to be a perfect alignment!

Even the back looks OK.

Of course it needs a better ironing. I pressed the seams and that is it!

But, it can’t be all good.

The sleeves come all the way down to my knuckles. Pretty sure that it too long!

I haven’t decided what to do about the sleeve problem.  I’d really like to not rip the sleeves out and apart for a redo.  I had thought about turning them and making a cuff.

The trick will be to turn them without the wavy lumps.

I like the chocolate-brown at the bottom of the sleeve…it picks up the chocolate at the bottom of the skirt and it will pick up the buttons I will be adding.  I just don’t know if they had cuffs on pagoda sleeves (authentically) and if I can do it without it looking bad.  And I don’t know how far up I have to turn them.  I need to look at some pictures and figure out how low those sleeves went.  (I also need to have a closer look at where the shoulder ends during this era.  I believe there was a drop shoulder…if mine is too low then I may have the answer to my long sleeve problem.  I hope not because I want to redo that even less than I want to redo the sleeve.)

I’m also having another problem.  The weight of the skirts is bending my hoops in odd ways and I may have to reinforce the top hoop with something stronger (and heavier).  Also,  the hoops, petticoat and skirt are slowly sliding down the corset on my dress form.  I don’t think it will be a problem on me as I have more flesh squishing out from under my corset than Trudy does and that should hold everything up.  But, I think I will add some hooks and eyes to my corset and hoops to help hold it all in place.  I think I will also add hooks and eyes to the bodice and skirt to keep the bodice hem down and the skirt up.  I’m thinking I’ve read this was a fairly common practice.

The other funny thing is, the weight of all the clothes is pushing the telescopic stand in and Trudy gets shorter and shorter every day!  May be that is why they wore corsets!  They would collapse under the weight of all their clothes without it!



6 thoughts on “So it isn’t the bodice from hell!

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    To stop Betsy from slidding, I put rubber bands around the pole, at the level I wanted it to stay,she hasn’t slipped since.

  2. I’m having the same slippage problem with an Elizabethan gown I’m working on. I’m glad to see that someone else is putting hooks&eyes at the waistline, I can’t really see my skirt staying up without them!

    • I can’t quote the location but I could have sworn I read that this was a common enough practice. And even if the skirt stays put, the bodice, if you are curvy enough will slide up even with boning.

  3. prttynpnk says:

    That matching- tres impressivo! Poor Trudy- she bends to fashion…..

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