I’m getting to the bottom of my cabinet card stash….

I have only two more cards left to show you.  Good thing I got on to eBay and ordered 7 more for a mere song!  Hopefully, they get here before I need them!  The one I am going to show you is actually a carte de visite (to speak French all you have to do is put and e on the end of every second English word and put de in between.  Lol, my French mother would cringe if she read that!)

Now the beauty of this card is it has been colored!   Her hair and the ribbon at her throat have been colored but not the dress so one may assume the dress itself is a black or brown color.  Who did this photo?

C. Shakespeare Photographic Artist 162 King's Road Chelsea London.

According to this site, C. Shakespeare (Charles) was born in 1835.  In the 1881 census he is listed at 162 King’s Road as a photographic artist.  The census 10 years later has him listed at a different address and as a photographer.  So my card is at least 1881-1891.  I could believe the skirt part is from the 80s but those big sleeves stumped me.  Those seemed so 60s or 70s to me!  And the hair is early 70s too!

I sent out a request to watch the birdie  who has extensive resources on Victorian photographers and when and where they set up shop.  I asked her look and see if she could get some better dates for the photographer.  I got an email from her today (I must commend her on her promptness!) saying her sources put Mr. Shakespeare at that address from 1871-1886 so I’m thinking this card is in fact early 1870s….cool!

4 thoughts on “I’m getting to the bottom of my cabinet card stash….

  1. qvictoria says:

    I suppose it seemed a good idea to hand-colour monochrome photos but I have to say, I prefer them in their original state. Still it highlights the fashion aspects of the costume. Great image.


    • The fellow advertised himself as photographic artist so likely he felt he was adding to the photograph….perhaps he fancied himself a modern portrait painter. I like them uncolored better myself but I like the painted one as a collector because it is the only one I have like it.

  2. omar says:

    Fascinated. I have a similar one of my great grand mother or may be my great great grand mother. with the year 1870 handwritten from the very same photographer.

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