Many of the museums we have here have looms and samples of weaving.  I have been mildly interested in trying that some day…it’s on my bucket list.  Weaving would be a skill that would have been used in Victorian times by the working class.  I have done a quick internet search and can’t find proof that upper classed ladies did such work and classed it as an artistic endeavor suitable for a lady (like needle point).   My impression, after that short search, is that it is factory work for working girls.  My interest in weaving doesn’t match my interest in being a RICH Victorian lady, alas.  But, I still want to try it.  There is a local group call the Manitoba Weavers and Fibre Artists that is offering a weaving class this month.  I’ve asked about space availability.  I’m secretly hoping it is full because apparently, this is now a rich ladies craft.  The cost is a bit prohibitive to me at this stage in my life.  I’d have to save for a bit or splurge a bit if I want to take this class!


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