About me…my prides and joys.

I have two boys who are fabulous boys.  They have never truly tried my temper or worn me out with worry.  They are not perfect but they are very, very good.  The oldest boy is soon to be 21 and is now an apprentice electrician.  Since he has started working he has fixed my range hood that never worked, fixed a hall light that only worked sometimes, put a light in the dark part of my laundry room and added a light switch to the fourth bedroom.  Now granted, that light switch was added so that he wouldn’t have to get out of bed to shut the light off but, he did it himself!  The other 3 things really only benefited me and it was nice to not have to pay someone $50 just for the privilege of having an electrician come through my front door-never mind actually work!

The other boy is soon to be 19 and he is my artistic one.  His dream is to be a comic book artist one day.  The trick for him right now is to juggle a full-time job, friends, family and time to work on his on-line comic.  I think he is gifted.  Here is a random drawing he has done (on the computer) that is one of my favorites.

I have no idea what he calls this picture but I like it.

If you want to read his on-line comic go here.  (Yes, I know…it is a shameless plug!)  The first few pages are a prelude and are in black and white but once the story gets going there is color.  You also can see how his drawing improves as he goes along.

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