Somebody has to much time on her hands.

I said that to my husband and he agreed…whole heartedly.  I spent my Saturday shopping and puttering.

I bought the things I needed to make my detective costume that I need at work next week. You can't see the mustache but it is awesome!

I’m getting geared up to take a project off of the back burners and I wanted a hat that was a certain shape.  I found a cheap plastic version that I am going to use as a pattern.

I also bought the buckram.

I found a Barbie doll at a thrift shop and I am going to use her when I attempt to take the pattern pieces from one of these books and make a Barbie dress.

I found an old Barbie clothes pattern I hope will help me figure out how much I need to size up the pattern pieces.  This project will do two things for me. 1) Allow me to practice enlarging these pattern pieces (Barbie and I are very similar in shape after all!) and 2) Allow me to figure out how these piece go together as there is limited instruction that go with these books.  I’d rather screw up on a foot of fabric than on 10 meters!

This is where the day gets weird.  I have my 1850s dress on display on my dress form.  It bugs me that there is no head on Trudy to properly display the hat.  So I made one.  I found a styrofoam head to put on Trudy’s empty neck.  There is a hole in the head (the styrofoam one…not mine) so I just needed a stick  and the two shall become one.   In true Canadian ghetto fashion I used a hockey stick (there is only about 500 in the garage.)

Ooooh How Canadian of me!

Want to see how I got the stick there?  Not for the faint of heart….

Ohh the humiliation of it all.

It ended up not working and  I was a bit concerned about damaging her gears and springs anyway.  So I hacked off some of the head’s neck…it was too long and made Trudy look like a giraffe.  Then I drilled holes…right about where Frankenstein had his posts inserted.  Through those holes I ran some ribbon.

And tied the head on.

Then I added some hair.

Not historically accurate. But, it does cover the head, it was cheap and I can use it for my Igor costume at work.

Then I put on the hat.

That's not too creepy is it....standing over my bed....looking at me...

9 thoughts on “Somebody has to much time on her hands.

  1. That looks awesome. I’d probably lose control of my bodily functions if I woke up and saw Trudy standing over me, but the dress and wrap are beauties.

    • It is when you are half awake that she gets ya. Last night I thought she was moving. But, it was just a perspective thing as I turned my head. If she ever fell on me in the night I would be changing the sheets!

  2. Shirley A Victorian says:

    That’s crazy!! But I loved it,so, I did it too!!! And now that my gal has a head ,she told me she didn’t like the name Betsy. She told me her name is Victory-Ann Atheart . We have a whole outlook. Maybe my costumes will be of better quality and a little more athentic looking. p.s. she aint living in my bedroom,too creepy. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    • They do get a personality. Trudy, because her head looks down looks deep and introspective…a bit moody. A gothic novel could be written about her. But, Trudy doesn’t talk to me…now that would be creepy.

  3. Shirley A Victorian says:

    A whole NEW outlook .its easy to miss words in the middle of the night…sorry.

  4. Shirley A Victorian says:

    I don’t mean she verblizes, I mean she artisticly speaks to me. Does that sound any better.

  5. prttynpnk says:

    Canadian ghetto fashion. I so love that.

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