Final installment on the making of 1850s dress.

I did one more step to the dress…I added some jewelry.

I found a cameo I like. All fake but if I had the real thing I'd be afraid to use it in a costume!

I took the longer chain that came with the purse for this costume and clipped it to a locket I found and made a faux watch.

The faux watch.

Ultimately, I’d like to have a real one.  This will do for now.  If the real watch doesn’t happen soon, I may remove the clips (which are a bit tacky) from the chain and reattach the locket.  I don’t want to do that unless I am sure I will never use the long chain on the purse.  Then I want to put a picture of a watch face in the locket as well as a picture of a person.  The person picture could be changeable so it suits what ever era I am wearing.  For now I just wont open it!

I have been on-line shopping for an 1880s pattern because Shirley A Victorian and I are tentatively planning another event in the fall.  It will be 1880s travel themed.  I’m ordering the patterns so early because of needing time for shipping and for finding the right material.  It needs to be a dark color as travel can be a messy affair.  I’m feeling brave enough to consider a bold stripe or, dare I say it, a plaid.  I want to try pattern matching.  Any pattern I have had in my last three outfits have been “quiet” and any matching that happened was strictly accidental.

While I wait for the patterns to arrive and the perfect material to materialize I will be pulling the back burner outfit out.  It is for an event Shirley and I are tentatively planning for August (the biggest question is whether I will be up to it…I am scheduled for surgery at the end of May…nothing serious).  The theme is “green”.  There will be a mixture of era’s but they will all have greens and be summery.  Hopefully, we will have more folks than just Shirley and I (all dressed by Shirley) because two people could hardly be called a mix!

4 thoughts on “Final installment on the making of 1850s dress.

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    I have to rethink this,can’t use the fantail for the travelling ,its 1870’s. Good thing its “green” I’ll just start it first…lots of time anyway. Who knows I may go shopping.

    • I’m thinking a fan tail dragging on the ground in a dirty old train might not be practical either. Oops…I’ve given the 10 readers of my blog a hint about our September photoshoot idea.

  2. The cameo and watch are gorgeous, I don’t care if they’re fake!

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