To tired to think.

It was a long day at work with tons of ups and downs and I am just to tired to formulate a complex and/or witty posting for today.  So I will simply show you some sweet little charms that I found at a craft store that I made into earrings.  (I have five ear piercings FYI).

This picture may suck a bit. You may need to click on it and zoom in....

The first one on the left is a boot.  The next one is a parasol.  The third is a carriage and the fourth is a fan.  The last one is a bit hard to make out but I think it is supposed to be a carpet bag.

A cute little nod to my current obsession.

2 thoughts on “To tired to think.

  1. If you were to sell these on Etsy or something you’d make a fortune. At least, I’d buy a whole bunch of them, anyway. 🙂

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