Not much sewing done this weekend.

As I suspected, with working all of Saturday and out carousing with all the moms all day Sunday, I didn’t get much sewing done.  I have been working on the pleats for my 1890s underskirt but it is a slow and plodding process.  How did anyone manage to get clothes finished when the detail stuff all has to be done by hand and takes forever?

A few weeks ago I did dig out my souvenir box and got some photos of my first attempt at a “reproduction”.  I was 16 at the time (over 30 years ago). Needless to say, being about 90 pounds heavier, I couldn’t get into the darn thing so I just laid it out on the floor for ya.


Sixteen year old me knew I needed a corset.  I knew that it should be made out several pieces of strong fabric and it could be trimmed.  I knew it laced up the back…

I didn’t know about grommets or eyelets apparently….

I also didn’t know about busks.

But, apparently I knew about boning…go figure.

But, I didn’t know about the 3 or 4 layers of fabric.

I had a petticoat…which is good enough that I could use it today.

Here is the front.

I knew about the over skirt and under skirt concept….except I didn’t know it was actually 2 layers. I just sewed strips of lace across the front.

The back.

I knew about the poof but I sewed it on the waistband not knowing about them really being separate.

I made a reticule.


The squished plastic sun hat makes me laugh.

I just sewed on some lace and a feather and you can see the stitches under the brim…tee hee.


3 thoughts on “Not much sewing done this weekend.

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    I love it!!! Thirty years ago I made my son …I’m pretty proud of my work too.

  2. […] year and a half ago, I posted about a dress I had made, with no patterns, only a huge bolt of cloth and a picture of my great grand parents. It was photos […]

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