My 1880s travel outfit is done!

Man…I’m cranking them out faster than I can come up with events to wear them!  If I could arrange to be at home full-time and still have the cash to buy material I’d have a complete wardrobe for every era in no time!  I got the bustle done.

The tail of the bodice does sit better with a bump to sit on!

Also managed to get a “carpet-bag” done and the skirt.

I love a bustle!

Still wish I would have used blue for the lining!

Check Trudy out walking away!

6 thoughts on “My 1880s travel outfit is done!

  1. I’ll take two, please!

  2. quincy134 says:

    Adorable! Looks great!

  3. It looks gorgeous! I love the colour too.

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