1860s carte de visite

I have a CdV of a younger lady from what I believe is the 1860s.

That bell skirt says civil war to me!

The sleeves are quite interesting with the “baggy” elbows.  The low shoulder seam is very 1860s as well.  Her hair is pulled back tightly to the nape of the neck.  I can’t tell if it is a bun or hanging loose.  My guess is a bun.  There is something lighter color on her bodice at the opening.  I have a sneaking suspicion that this lady has the same problem I have with all my bodices…they pull so that you can see the lining…though my problem is higher up…..

On the flip side of the photo we see…

2c Washington proprietary stamp. C. Smith. Photographer. Annville Pa.

This is my first revenue stamp so I wanted to know a bit more about it.  According to this site “This is a proprietary revenue stamp.  When photographs were taken, the photographer had to collect 2c government tax.  The stamp proved that the sitter paid the tax.”  This site helps us date the card. “Because these stamps were required on photographs only from 1864 to 1866, their presence (or their absence) gives us the approximate dates of ancestor photographs of the Civil War era.”

When I googled the photographer I found this site that lists C. Smith being in business in 1864.  Other photographers on this list have a span of years listed but C. Smith only has the one year.  Perhaps he moved on or died or tried a different line of work.  So this lady had her photo done 1864-66 and possibly we can narrow it down to 1864.  I do wish I had a name for her.

2 thoughts on “1860s carte de visite

  1. John Troup says:

    I have a picture of my great grandmother taken at the same studio with a 2 cent stamp signed “CS” and dated 7/65. Same book, table and baseboard!

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