1862 wedding dress from the Canadian Costume Museum

I’ve been madly sewing because I had the dumb idea of getting a costume done in one week for an event that Shirley and I had only just heard of a couple of weeks ago.  I have 2 completed costumes that I have yet to wear out but I wanted to have a new one for this event.  Dumb or what?

I was making good time until today.  My needle broke and I couldn’t get the new one to work properly.  Wasted an hour until I found another package of needles and they worked like a charm.  Then I had construction issues.  I didn’t make a muslin because A) I rarely do. (My bad.) B) I had already made this bodice and the last time it was snug but wearable so I made this one, one size up.  All good right?  Well, for some reason, in spite of cutting it one size up from the last time, it is one size SMALLER than the last time.  I think what happened is I felt I had some wiggle room so I was less conservative on my seam allowance and because my interlining is much thicker this time it takes up more room.  So I had to take the lining off and resew all the seams a bit smaller and then rip out all the old seams.  (Thank god I had not trimmed the seams yet!)  It is still snug but  I think, if I forgo raising my arms I should be able to wear it.  Me thinks the rushing is not doing me favors!   Tomorrow I hope to finish reattaching the lining, finish the arm holes and put all the hooks and eyes.  That will leave me one day for the fancy trim I’m planning.  Once I show you my inspiration piece you will laugh at my madness!

1899 jacket from the Met

I just want the front bit…not all the stuff on the sleeves and back.  And I will use buttons not knots to hold it shut.  Those buttons may be just decorative.  We shall see how hard this is to pull off….in a day….

Time for another installment from my mannequin dressing stint in May.  Today’s dress is a striped 1862 silk wedding dress.We draped it in the shawl (I believe it was 1840s) because the fabric in the bodice was showing great signs of wear and I found it to be distracting when looking at the shape of the dress.  I was distressed to see it so…well…distressed!

The double poofs are really interesting!

Here is the back view.

If you click on the photo, you should be able to zoom in and see the lovely white on white embroidered bird on the shawl.

Well, that’s all folks.  See ya tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “1862 wedding dress from the Canadian Costume Museum

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    Speeding!! Just sayin’ You know Murphy’s Law.

    • Yup speeding on the way to buy the material and got a speeding ticket. Speeding my way through the sewing of the dress and unpicking like mad. Realized last night the collar is on crooked. Have to redo that this morning….

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