Dames, Dandys and Dominion Day.

As I mentioned before, Shirley and I went to Dames, Dandies and Dominion Day which was held in the heart of my city.  We dodged a few drunks and enjoyed a fabulous time at the event which was quite small but very much fun.  It was the first year of the event and likely could have stood some better advertising.  I only accidentally discovered it the previous week because I happened to be on the web site of the tour company that hosted it.  The small turn out worked out in Shirley and my favor.  Shirley won second place with her 1837 gown and her prize was a haunted tour of ghostly happenings in the city (hosted by afore-mentioned tour company), which she will take during Halloween.  Here is Miss Shirley in her lovely gown.

Her dress is made of a lovely cotton print.

I apologize for the shadows on Shirley’s face.  The sun was blazing and it was beastly hot. Shirley’s cotton material and open neck line likely kept her from keeling over but not from burning.  Both of us opted to omit a petticoat of two because of the heat and we lugged around plastic water bottles.  Not very authentic but very necessary.

Note the matching bag.

And for the final view of Miss Shirley’s gown….

Miss Shirley…the parasol should be up!

I won first place which was a one night stay in a B&B here in Winnipeg, the Beechmount. It is a Victorian Mansion (oh joy!)

I wish I could say that I finally exceeded Arlene’s superior sewing skills and won first place because of my blazing skills as a seamstress but nay, it was because the little girl judging liked the color of my dress.  I think she was about 5 or 6. (Seriously, I don’t feel competive with Shirley!  I really value her skill and advice!)

I call this my Half Grand Surprise Dress.

It is Surprise Dress because I didn’t plague people with blow-by-blow details of each completed portion.  And it is also a surprise that I finished it in a week.

The hat is recycled from other outfits. The blue is a bit much but the feathers match.  It did a good job of holding an ice pack on my head so I didn’t keel over in the heat!

The Half Grand part of the dress name comes from getting a speeding ticket while on the way to get the fabric (my third in 30 years of driving-not normal for me).  With the cost of the fabric and the speeding ticket, the dress cost me nearly half a grand (a grand in North American slang is $1,000)

Shirley and I stopped by the nursing home we work in to show off. One of our very oldest folks said “She has a big bum!” I died laughing!

Shirley and I had a chance to talk to the other 4 ladies in costume and they seemed somewhat interested in the Victorian sewing and social club we are trying to get started. (One even said she is connected with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet that is doing Moulin Rouge and she thought it would be nice to have us in costume after the show for an after show cafe.  Wouldn’t that be awesome if we got some free tickets to see that!) We shall see if there is any feedback about the club and Moulin Rouge at a later date.

The icing on the cake for the day was the open horse and carriage ride that we got to take for incredibly cheap!  For $10 we got a nice long ride and some professionally taken photos of us in the carriage.  I can hardly wait for those to come!  I have permission to share those with you once we get them!  All in all, a wonderful day!

8 thoughts on “Dames, Dandys and Dominion Day.

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    Your dress was fabulous. And the colour attracted everybodies attention. You won first because you deserved to,enjoy the ride.
    ,And your prize.

  2. valarielynn says:

    Our costume guild has started to get calls from museums and theatre groups asking if we would like to attend in costume, and we get reduced rates, and sometimes freebies. Heck, we’d do anything to play dress-up. We are such costume whores. 😀

  3. […] up my story with a yippy moment for myself and Shirley!  The Muddy Waters Tour Company had set up the event that Shirley and I went to earlier in the month.  I had told the guide that I was the one in the red dress who had won the costume contest.  She […]

  4. flaregirl55 says:

    I think all of you look amazing too bad there was not first place all the way around. Great Job to you both. After looking at your hat Wanda I have a bunch of that same color of blue really enough for a smart dress. I also came across a few bags of that braid my mom used to sew suits. Oh well you can give me a email and we can chat more.

    • Thanks so much for your comments. Are you thinking of a dress for yourself?

      • flaregirl55 says:

        No Is just wondering if you would like to buy any of the sewing items before they go to the public sale. This would be a great oppirtunity for you to get all sorts of sewing material and notions for yourself, just email me if you have any questions. If not for yourself maybe some of the gals in your group who sew. Be well Sandy

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