Must have Tuesday: accessories 1809

I’m definitely a fan of Victorian fashions but I don’t mind some Regency and Edwardian fashions and I don’t mind if  I include them here on occasion.  Last week I posted a dress from the Edwardian era in my must have Tuesday.  I’m not into the roaring 20s, so it is time to start back at the Regency era and run through the decades again.  This time through, I  thought I would focus on some of my favorite accessories.

From the 1800-10 decade I found this pelisse at the Victorian and Albert site.

1809 pelisse at V&A

A pelisse is basically a coat. (If the dresses look like night gowns-does this make it a house coat?)  The gowns were light and filmy and a jacket of some sort would be required outdoors.  Unless the lady was in Canada.  Then for 6 months of the year she’d freeze to death in that light jacket and for 2 months a year she’d be thanking God that she was walking around in a dress that was like a night-gown with the consistency of mosquito netting.  But for four months a year that pelisse would be just the thing!

I guess what I like the best about this is the color.  I love red.  Really don’t know why I don’t have more of that in my own personal wardrobe because I love it.  The photograph has the mannequin in a cute hat and bag too.  If I needed a Regency gown, I would definitely accessorize with this pelisse.


2 thoughts on “Must have Tuesday: accessories 1809

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I want that pelisse!

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