Another 1880s head shot.

Today’s cabinet card is an 1880s lady.  I’m going mostly by the hair style for this dating.  She appears to be in her late 30s.  I keep thinking she isn’t what you’d call pretty.  Handsome would be a better description.  Her individual features, especially her mouth and jaw line, are nice but put together they are just too strong to make her “pretty”.  May be it is because her eyes look a bit sunken.  (That may be an unfortuanate effect of the lighting.)  Some modern make up would really help this lady.  Some concealer on the eyes and a great lipstick color and she would be “rockin”!

From Hamiltons

The photographers stamp is a bit disappointing…no location.  Here are some things I did notice about the card… She has cute little stud earrings and dare I say it, slightly mussy hair.  It looks like some hair is escaping the bun at the nape of her neck.  I’m glad I’m not the only one not completely on top of my photograph game!

Close up of the close up.

I love her little pin on her collar!  There is some nice pleating on her bodice.  But the really neat thing is the gathering on her sleeve.  You faintly see it on the bottom right of the above photograph.  It is more easily seen if you click on the first photo.  Now, that is an effect I’d like to try some day on a dress.


2 thoughts on “Another 1880s head shot.

  1. She has a nice face, despite the messy hair. I feel like I would have tea with her.

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