Favorites Friday-American Duchess

I have started sharing about my favorite blogs each Friday and this weeks favorite is American Duchess.  I check on her everyday as she usually has something new to say.

Lauren’s primary costuming focus is the 18th century.  Though I don’t see myself dabbling in that in the near future, I do enjoy seeing her work.  She has dipped into Victorian costuming on occasion as well as more modern eras, which I enjoy seeing too.

Though I like all of her blog, I have two favorite things that I love best.  One is her own line of historical shoes, which you can access via her blog.  She is a great costumer, a fun read and also an entrepeneur.  She recently announced that she is working on a button down boot for Victorian costuming.  I hope that I will be able to save enough sheckles to buy them when they come out (so I can replace my pleather, lace-up, 1980s granny boots.)  I’ve heard through the grape-vine that American Duchess shoes are comfy and I sure could go for comfy!

The other thing I like about the blog is that The Duchess has started sharing some of her hard-earned experience getting a business going.  I don’t want, or need a business for myself now, but I do have a dream of combining my love of costuming, singing, and senior citizens once I retire.   If I haven’t done it already, I will likely share my idea with you at some later date.  I invite you to her blog for some reading pleasure and lots of photos to please the eye!


2 thoughts on “Favorites Friday-American Duchess

  1. I’ve just bookmarked her site—great stuff! I like the Victorian stuff better too but it’s always nice to have a change of pace sometimes.

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