I could use some of this!

Sunday was a busy day but I didn’t get anything done on my projects.  I do have something new to show you though.  Do you remember that package of bottles that I found at craft store?  I gave my son all of the bottles except one.  That one I kept for myself.  The other day I found the perfect label for it here.  And lucky me, it is free to use if I give them credit (done).

Dr Whately’s Energy Elixir

I copied and pasted the picture to my word program.  Then I fiddled with the size until I was sure I had the right size.  Then I hit print and out it came!  I cut it out, stuck it onto the bottle with some glue.  I slapped some glue on top of it to help the label to stay put as it rattles around in my various bags.  It took me all of 10 minutes and now I have a neat little prop to haul around.  We all know it is the accessories that moves a dress from a costume to an ensemble.


2 thoughts on “I could use some of this!

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    Well done Now we can both be “Happy Victorians” I love little bottles.

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