Favorites Friday-Cation Designs

Cation Designs is the blog of a 20 something science teacher who loves to sew.

Here is what I like about her blog….

She embraces her quirkiness (kind of makes me think of a female version of my “quirky and ok with it” son) and attempts to sew clothes that reflect this about herself.  For example, she loves comic book characters.  She finds thrifted bed sheets (I love frugality) with those characters on them and sews herself dresses!  Super cute little dresses!

I hope I haven’t slipped into creepy waters by posting a photo from her blog in my blog about her blog.

She has helped me consider the possibility of embracing my Victorian quirkiness and finding ways to reflect that in my everyday wear.  I haven’t done it yet…but there are plans.  Oh, yes, there are plans.  Isn’t it great when the young can bring insight into the life of the not so young?

She also sews costumes for others as well as herself and lately she has drifted a bit into my waters and is sewing historical outfits.  And she has done a smashing good job of it too!

She is honest about the things that gives her troubles but is far to hard on herself with her perceived sewing mistakes.  She does have a good humor with her self critique and I really enjoy her sense of joy with sewing.  She has a pretty cute cat too. Hope some of you will trot on over to her blog and check her out.


2 thoughts on “Favorites Friday-Cation Designs

  1. Madame Weebles says:

    I will have to visit her blog. I love that dress, especially the back.

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