This has got to be a wedding photo!

My card for today features a pretty young girl bedecked in a lot of flowers.For dating, I was a bit puzzled by her hair…It was kinda half Gibson girl of the 90s and frizzy bangs of the 80s.  I would guess this is a transition style between the two.  There are not to many cues from the dress.  The sleeves look like they could be quite large which was a 90’s feature.  I’m guessing the white lacy stuff is some sort of big ruffle.

It is hard to see in the photo but the words on the bottom say Shadle & Busser 20 S. George St. York PA.  When I googled that, I got this site.  Someone was asking the same question and the answer they got was that these photographers were working at that location from 1887-1902.  This fits with my idea that the hairstyle is a transition between the 80’s fringe bangs and the 90’s Gibson.  So my guess is….drum role please…the photo is dated between 1887 and the early 90s.


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