A project with a dead line….

This may be just what I need to get myself out of my current ennui.  My son is thinking about heading out to Comic Con this year and wants this as a costume.

I’ll have to ask him if he wants the neck thing hard as a rock (use buckram) or merely stiff (use interfacing).

I have a few days off and my local fabric store is having a sale.  I think the boy and I are going to head out and buy a tunic type pattern and some fabric and I’ll get to it this weekend.  I’ll be finished well before the dead line but at least it will get me moving forward again!

Insomnia back then.

I, on occasion, get bouts of insomnia which is a real bother.  One night I can fall asleep but wake up too soon.  Another night I just can’t get my mind ready to sleep and I stay up to late.  But, the most frustrating thing is when I lay there for a few hours unable to sleep.  I look a the clock.  1:10 am.  Next thing I know, I wake up and I think oh, well, at least a got an hour or two in.  Then I look at the clock and it is 1:20 am.  So in honor of my current bought of insomnia I wanted to write a post on insomnia in the Victorian era.  But, I’m to tired.  Luckily for me, someone already did that.  They had some interesting cures!  While you are reading this link, I’m going to go for a hot bath and count some birds until I hopefully get tired enough to sleep!  Good night all!

Some cute little birds hanging out in our tree.

I’m back with another head shot cabinet card.

Today’s card is of an 1880s lady with glasses.  I’m guessing 1880s because of the hair style.

That little bun thing on the top of the head was quiet popular but I don’t think I’ll ever mimic that style. Thanks but no….

Often those bun thingys were decorated with fancy combs.  She has a bow decoration on the front of her bodice and cute little glasses.   They don’t appear to have the arms that go over the ears that we are used to.  These must just clip to her nose.  She surely does look studious!

The back of the card has a nice angle motif.I’m not finding anything about the photographer at this point.  The hubby is waiting for me to drive him to work so a more extensive search is not going to happen at this point.   If anyone else knows anything please share!

Victorian at Heart is growing….

Shirley and I have been trying to grow a Victorian costuming club and today I saw some signs of growth!  Unfortunately, Shirley had to miss out on the fun as a “megrim” messed with her plans.  Alas, I braced myself and went out on my own.

My puppy making sure I packed well for the picnic.

Believe it or not, I’m a bit shy around new people so it was a bit outside my comfort zone to go out on my own and schmooze with two acquaintances and two COMPLETE strangers (three if you count the un-costumed photographer).  But, once we got past the awkward “what did you say your name was?” phase it was quite fun!

We did the typical pose in front of the flowers ….

Oh Shirley…to bad you missed this!

And of course we had to pose with the queen herself….

Everyone, bow to the queen!

Then it was lunch time.

I needed the tree near me so I’d be able to get up again!

And then more photos….

These two girls are stunners!

The lady on the left asked me to link to her web site so here goes!

What is a Victorian picnic without some croquet!

Doesn’t this need to be sepia?

We even had a little one with us!

And now for my favorite photo….

Tee Hee!

Looks like we have found a group that really likes our idea and are full of ideas for outings and activities.  So Shirley….looks like our baby is up and running now.  Now we do the juggling act of letting it grow how it will without letting it get to far from our vision.  It is a bit exciting and scary for the shy side of me to open myself up to new people (especially when I’m not in work mode).  Probably good for me.

Gonna be quiet for a bit

I got a virus on my computer and I can’t see myself writing long wordy posts on my tablet. Not at all convenient doing the one finger typing thing! Took me 2 minutes to find that exclamation point! Hope my kid can fix it and I wont lose all my files! Now that I’ve found it I have to use it in every sentence!!!


Folklarama is not a Victorian thing but it is still good 😉

Each summer my city has a two-week festival called Folklarama.  Several locations (schools, clubs, arenas…) throughout the city host pavilions.  Each Pavillion features cultural aspects of other countries…food, music, dance, displays….and they are usually arranged by people who have those particular cultures in their family history.  It is one of the wonderful things about Canada…we encourage people to embrace their heritage and festivals like Folklarama allow us to proudly share that culture with every one.

A few days ago Mr Victorian and I went with his sister’s family to 3 pavilions.  We saw the…

The dancing was very good!

Then we went to…

…which had wonderful food.  The show it self was not to exciting but the crowd was full of Portuguese people  who were very warm and friendly.  Then we went to the…

Spain Pavillion

…which was full of beautiful music and amazing dancing.  There were two groups of flamenco dancers-one of young girls and one of older ladies.  It was classy, graceful and memorizing.  I started to think that I’d like to take up flamenco dancing.  I wondered if there was a group called Flamenco for Fat, Unfit Females of English Descent -F4Fufeds? (Ok, by then I had consumed a few glasses of Sangria and was mildly distracted by the firefighters standing at the side of the room…).  It seemed like a brilliant idea until I realized that these women were repeatedly STOMPING in their high-heeled shoes.  I can’t walk in high heels without my feet killing me.  After an hour of stomping in heels I’d be amputating my own feet with my teeth.

If you ever get to the urge to visit the ‘Peg come in August and check out Folklarama.



I found a great TV show…

…and guess what!  It’s Canadian!  We Canadians can be a bit judgemental about our TV shows.  And, in reality, when I was a kid, it took 30 seconds of viewing time to figure out something was “made in Canada”.  There was something about the filming technique that marked it as “amateur”.  We all sort of had the feeling that, with the exception of hockey games, our shows were poorly made and quite lame.  We’ve caught up with the American’s technique and most of the time you can’t tell, until you read the credits, where it is made, but I still have this mind-set that our shows are a bit lame.

But Murdoch Mysteries is different.  It is a mystery show set in Toronto in the 1890s and has detective Murdoch solving crimes and encountering the advances in technology of the time.  There are hints at the future that can be amusing.  In one episode, Murdoch, chastises his co-worker for investing in Coca-Cola rather than secure Canadian bonds.

I love the dresses the ladies wear (of course) and they seem to be really good representations of the era.  I also like that the show does not treat you like an idiot-it has good plot lines that have you trying to figure out “who done it”.

If you get the chance, I’d recommend this show!