Must have accessory from the 1820s

A pelerine is a cape like thing that could be for warmth but the most of the ones I have seen, especially in the earlier years, seemed to be more decorative.  This one is of the decorative variety.

1825-30 pelerine from the Met

I like the embroidery, of course.  But I also liked the layered look.  I wonder what dresses the original owner would have worn it with.  I also wonder if it was made by the wearer, perhaps as an item to wear on her wedding day….  If I were to make one of my own I would like it to be very much like it but I’m not sure I’d have the patients for all that embroidery.


2 thoughts on “Must have accessory from the 1820s

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    Gives me an idea. It’ beautiful.

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