Calling all Victorians….

Shirley was hard at work making up our calling card.  She was stretching herself working in the crazy computer world but she got the job done!

Savor the drama….we are out on the town in our costumes and someone says “Hey, I wanna do that too.”  We say, “Join our club”.  I whip out my card case….

“Here take one of our cards.”

I pop it open….

…and they are blinded by the gold and color.

I lift the clasp….

…and pull out a card.

They take the card and now have the key to joining our club….

Shirley bought some nice scissors so we can cut the edges when we get 1000 cards printed up!





6 thoughts on “Calling all Victorians….

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    Like your card case. The cards look great. Now we just need someone to give them to.

  2. If I were closer to Winnipeg I’d join you in a minute!

  3. Shirley A Victorian says:

    Theres a house for sale five down from me.

  4. There you go Madame Weebles…you big chance to come and join us. We even find you a place to live!

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