I’m not easily distracted

Seriously, I’m not easily….SQUIRREL…!  What was I talking about?  Ummm, oh yeah, distraction.  I went to the thrift store today to buy an old sweat suit and other items to make an octopus costume that I need for work on Tuesday.

The styrofoam balls will become eye balls.

I went to the cash register tooo….OOOOO PRETTY-MUST HAVE….

Lovely Sari material.

That material got me thinking about the plans that I had been making the night before with some relatives.  We are going to Mexico next winter and we girls are going to try to go the whole time in summer dresses or bathing suits (unless we go horseback riding in which case pants are in order).  I thought that sari material would make a nice little summer dress.  So off to the fabric store to buy…OH WAIT…THERE’S WAL****!

Into Wal**** to buy a square (that big metal L shaped ruler) that I need to draft up a pattern for a 1900’s dress I want to try.  I grabbed the square and headed to the till and…OH WAIT, I NEED NEW SHOES…AND COFFEE CREAMER…AND OCTOPUS EYE BALLS AND SUCTION CUPS….

I got the square I needed so I headed to the fabric store to buy a pattern for a summer dress that I wont need for 6 MONTHS! (Nothing like planning ahead!)  I found this pattern that has 4 other things I likely will never sew.

It’s the red dress I liked. I have no idea how I’m going to get the three colored sari material to work with this….

I bought the thread and zipper I needed as well.  I showed hubby my haul and then started to think that I shouldn’t get so excited over a dress that I don’t need for 6 months when I have an octopus costume I need by Tuesday and a 1900s dress I’d like for the fall.  So I did the sensible thing and almost started on the octopus….BUT THE SQUARE I BOUGHT….

Dang thing called to me.  I just had to know if the calculations I did for enlarging the 1900 pattern were in the ball park or not.  So I sat down and drew out the 10 pieces.

All neatly packaged….

I had to narrow the skirt pieces because they’d be wider than the width of average cloth.   I made two pieces several inches wider: one because I hadn’t factored in the pleating that needed to be done and one because I’m a cow compared to the flea this pattern was originally intended for and oh Gosh I don’t want to wear a bathing suit next to my sister-in-law because she is a frigging natural size 0.  ICECREAM….

I really should get that octopus made but first I wanted to get down my thoughts on distractions.  I got to the part in this post where I wanted to write the word “sari” but wasn’t sure of the spelling so I googled and low and behold they have You Tube videos on how to wrap one… Now I’m not so sure I want to hack that material up.  May be I want a white girls version of a sari…..  Probably for the best anyway…I lost the zipper I bought.




2 thoughts on “I’m not easily distracted

  1. prttynpnk says:

    You know it’s just not fair, my boss gives me projects involving surgical utilization and time reports- he must have no idea that I’d rather make an octopus costume for work!

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