Traveling 1880s style.

My city has an antique train called the Prairie Dog Central.  Mr. Victorian-not and I rode on it earlier in the summer. For this trip, Miss Shirley and I took our 1880s travel ensembles out for a ride.As per 80s styles, we were both bustled up.Once we reached the end of the line……the porters helped us descend.

There is a little house museum to tour.It isn’t perfect…quite a bit of mashed up eras goin’ on but it was still fun.  The owner who donated the house, also shows it.  She was saying that they are using what they get given to them but they will replace things with older items as they come in.I think Shirley looked especially well in the red room.For some reason I looked best in the….…the bathroom!

After our running around, we began to feel a bit tired so we heading to the waiting station where we were warned of the evils of travelling alone.Shirley fed her laudanum addiction……and I had a shot of my energy elixir.

I checked the time….

and when it was time to go, we boarded the train again.Once home again, we picked up our luggage and headed for our houses…..Until next time…..


6 thoughts on “Traveling 1880s style.

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Why I am shocked that you galavant about unescorted! What will the other Ladies think?

  2. Shirley A Victorian says:

    Here Here!

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