Canadian Costume Museum-1911

I have a couple  more dresses that I took photos of from the Canadian Costume Museum’s display of wedding gowns last May.  They are no longer Victorian in age but they had some eye catching redeeming qualities that makes them post worthy in  my view.  Today’s dress is Edwardian…1911 to be exact.

Isn’t it pretty!

One thing really boggled my mind….

…why would you cover such pretty beading with pretty fabric?

I guess it says, “I’m so rich I can afford to partially cover up expensive details.  “The sleeves had nice beading too.

Love it!

Also, some nice dangly bits in the front.

I wonder if those were heavy banging on the legs….




4 thoughts on “Canadian Costume Museum-1911

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    It is beautiful.

  2. That’s stunning. But that is puzzling, isn’t it, about that extra fabric covering up the sparkly bits.

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