Some days are meant for that.

I decided my Saturday was meant to be a pajama and TV day.  I did diddly squat all day.  This means I have no photos of exciting outings or sewing progress to show you.  So I must delve deep into the archives of past projects….back to the days when I was a teen….

Please ignore the wrinkles. She has been a box for literally a few decades!

I made her from scratch.  I had some sort of clay recipe that I whipped up in my kitchen.  Then I molded her head hands and feet.  I don’t recall if I had to bake the dough or not.  Once she hardened I painted her.

I had the idea that she needed a hoop to keep her skirts out but had no idea how it was done…obviously.

I also had a very good concept of what the hair should be like.  I must have seen a movie or two…Hopefully, I will get dressed today and do something useful!



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