Victorian at Heart is growing….

Shirley and I have been trying to grow a Victorian costuming club and today I saw some signs of growth!  Unfortunately, Shirley had to miss out on the fun as a “megrim” messed with her plans.  Alas, I braced myself and went out on my own.

My puppy making sure I packed well for the picnic.

Believe it or not, I’m a bit shy around new people so it was a bit outside my comfort zone to go out on my own and schmooze with two acquaintances and two COMPLETE strangers (three if you count the un-costumed photographer).  But, once we got past the awkward “what did you say your name was?” phase it was quite fun!

We did the typical pose in front of the flowers ….

Oh Shirley…to bad you missed this!

And of course we had to pose with the queen herself….

Everyone, bow to the queen!

Then it was lunch time.

I needed the tree near me so I’d be able to get up again!

And then more photos….

These two girls are stunners!

The lady on the left asked me to link to her web site so here goes!

What is a Victorian picnic without some croquet!

Doesn’t this need to be sepia?

We even had a little one with us!

And now for my favorite photo….

Tee Hee!

Looks like we have found a group that really likes our idea and are full of ideas for outings and activities.  So Shirley….looks like our baby is up and running now.  Now we do the juggling act of letting it grow how it will without letting it get to far from our vision.  It is a bit exciting and scary for the shy side of me to open myself up to new people (especially when I’m not in work mode).  Probably good for me.

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