A Saturday of shopping.

I have to say that shopping is fun for me.  Not grocery shopping or underwear shopping…that is a chore.  But, shopping for treats is fun.  I spent Saturday morning shopping at Nervana…ie the fabric store with my son.   Now we have this….I hope to spend some of my Sunday converting the pile up above into this…


Later on in the day, the hubby and I went to our favorite flea market.  I found a stash of old photos to share here.  I also found this….

The Life of Queen Victoria and the Story of Her Reign

I think this is the oldest book I own.

The book is not in the best of shape but when I’m 111 years old, I wont be either!

There was another book there that I wanted much more but cost more than I had with me.  It was an 1866 home medical book.  Now that would have been full of some freakishly good stuff!





One thought on “A Saturday of shopping.

  1. […] On Facebook, there was a random game posted which said if would predict how 2017 would be for me.  It told me to grab the nearest book which is my 1901 copy of “The Life of Queen Victorian and the History of Her Reign”. I picked it up … […]

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