Got my groove back!

After a couple of months of zero motivation, I finally got back into the groove again.  And it took a deadline to do it.  Grant it, the dead line is two months away and I certainly did not need to get started on it NOW, but I am moving ahead!

It was tough getting started though.  I had an obstical to over come.

Finally my dog behaves like everyone elses cat!

Isn’t she looking darling?  Poor thing was just back from the groomers only to find I had piled all my crap in her spot.  How is a girl supposed to chill out after that trauma!  She is probably wondering if I still love her.  First the groomers and now this!

I carefully yanked the white material out from under her and got rolling.  I had the TV on and it was showing back to back Big Bang Theory while I sewed.  It is completely setting the tone when you sew a Comic Con costume while watching BBT.  Like mood music….

I used….

…McCall’s 2339 pattern for religious themed costumes.

And got this made in no time at all.

The next step will be covering the machine sewed hems with trim. That will involve some hand sewing and another marathon session of BBT.

The boy is pleased.  In his costume plans, he will shave his head bald and wear his creepy white contact lenses.  I’m not so pleased with the bald head thing.  But, since when does mothers approval rank very high in a young mans considerations…..



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