Oh you poor darling….

My next cabinet card is likely from the 1880s and is of a woman who has an…

unfortunately masculine appearance….

If fact, I’m not convinced that she isn’t actually a man in women’s clothing.  (There really is nothing new under the sun, Horatio).  Her hairstyle does not seem to help matters much.  But, as I stared long and hard at her face, I came to the conclusion that she really had lovely eyes.  She also had an amazing cameo (I really want that cameo!)  When enlarged you can just make out what looks like a person standing under a tree.

See what I mean?

I think it is wise that she chose such a large piece of jewelry.  I think a dainty little thing would have exaggerated her strong facial features (in an uncomplimentary way).

When I googled the photographer, E.T. Brigham of Dover NH I found his name on a  list of most prolific photographers  and several examples of his stereoscope images like this one, but no firm dates about when he was working in Dover NH.



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