The pipe snake for writers block…

The Roto Rooter, the Mr Plummer, the old-fashioned plunger to a writer’s block is simply get up/out and do something.  This is true for sewist “meh” and a plain old funk.  I know from experience that the absolute last thing you want to do is to DO something but, it is the only cure.  I don’t mean go out and grocery shop (unless you are in a cooking slump)…I mean get out and do something that charges the creative juices and the stimulates your interest!

Feeling a bit down/bored?  Get out and do something that makes you happy when you are feeling normal.  Or better yet do something that makes someone else happy (works best when it is a stranger or near stranger).  In a sewing slump?  Force yourself to make the next move….I wont expand on that idea as another blogger has already done this.

Writers Block?  Go get more resources for what ever you write about.  I did just that yesterday.  I had a heck of a time getting my can out the door but I’m glad I did.  I got myself moving because I ABOSULUTELY HAD to get to the bank and the gas station.

Once I did that I went back to last weekends flea market and bought that 1866 medical book I was salivating over but walked away from.  I offered a price that I could afford and the guy took it…no haggling!  Yeah!  This book will give me lots of horrific fodder for this blog!  (Rubs hands and makes gleeful giggling noises.) I also picked up some hockey memorabilia for the hubby for our anniversary (today-23 years-in case you are wondering).

Then I went to our major museum (alone) so I could linger over the things I like and take lots of photos that I can use here.  One of the museum’s favorite of the people is the replica of the Nonsuch.

The Nonsuch history and its relationship with Canada

The Nonsuch was a ship that sailed from England to Canada.

The ship is full-sized…

…and is placed in a setting that looks like a port in England in the 1600s.

Like a movie set isn’t it!


It’s too short for me and I’m only 5’4″. So much for the romance novels making these ship captains tall drinks of hunky water!

I don’t know who has to sleep in the closet over the stairway but this is not an upgrade over the crew quarters down in the bowels of the ship!


From there I  headed off to Wally World (aka Wal-Mart).  I almost lost my joy and love for humanity there.  Wal-Mart+people+parking lot construction=joy suckage.  Caesar said it best, “If thou must driveth thy chariot on the same day as my godlike self, useth thy turn signals so I know thou art about to steer thy chariot into the path of mine own chariot!” OK, Caesar didn’t say that but if he had a Wal-Marticus he would say that! Anyway, I got my errands done there and came home full of things to share and things I want to do and with energy to do the things I have to do…..wonderful!


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