And now for another cabinet card.

Judging by the popular fringed bangs I’d guess this card is another 1880s card. It also could be 1890s is you look at the huge sleeves.


Beach Bros. Crewkerne & Chard

Nice to see a gal that has some heft to her.  You start to think all Victorian ladies had 20 inch waists without some contrary proof!  This lady has very nice eyes, an oval brooch at the throat.  I like the big bows at her shoulders and the fringed lace on the front of her bodice.

The card it self has some minor damage with the glue that holds the photo to the card stock having let go on one side.  Anyone know if I’ll be wrecking it if I reglue it?

Crewkerne and Chard are towns southwest of London England.  My guess is the Beach Brothers had studios in both towns and to save money, had card stock made for both studios.  That, or they travelled between the two towns with a wagon.  I’ve contacted a fellow blogger who has some knowledge about photographers in England and I’m hoping for some facts from that source.  I’ll keep you posted.




2 thoughts on “And now for another cabinet card.

  1. qvictoria says:

    This lady looks as if she was around in the 1890s, going by the sleeves on her dress. This would tie in with the date for the Beach Brothers, from Chard/Crewkerne in the County of Somerset, south west England. She does indeed look hefty but nice with it.

    Chris Hibbert (QVictoria)

    • I agree that this is an 1890s card. The sleeves are just too big for an 1880s. The lady may have felt that the Gibson girl hair was for young girls and that it would look silly on her. Thanks for your help looking up the photographer!

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