When I was a kid I was snookered in by the Jackalope myth…

Yup, I fell for it.  Well, not really.  But, I really wanted to believe.  I really wanted to believe in Santa too.  My family had gone to the states for a driving vacation and we started seeing souvenirs for the Jackalope.  It caught my fancy and I wished I would see one in real life.

I found this photo here….

What has this got to do with Victorian stuff?  The myth seems to have got started in that era….Victorians were curious about things that were odd to them.  Heck, they put African and Eskimo families in “zoos” because they were so strange and people wanted to see them up close.  (Not everything about that era can be romanticized…)

For a more complete run down of the history of the jackalope go here…. If you don’t want to know that the poor rabbits may have actually existed but were suffering from some bizarre fungal infection…well, to late, you know now….just don’t look to closely at those pictures….


4 thoughts on “When I was a kid I was snookered in by the Jackalope myth…

  1. Are you trying to say jackalope aren’t real? Next thing you’ll be denying the Hoop Snake!

  2. Shirley A Victorian says:

    I totally forgot about them. If you grew up with all my tale telling uncles, you wouldn’t have questioned their existence. My mom’s oldest brother like to teach all the kids getting ready to start kindergarden about the “turkeycows” that said gooble gooble moo.

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