Well, isn’t she a pretty one!

This teenage girl’s daddy probably needed a shot gun!When I found her, this pretty young lady was in a pile of pages that had come from a fallen apart photo album (hopefully not torn apart).  I couldn’t afford to buy all the pages and keep them together (“what if these were all family photos”…that thought brought about pangs of anxiety). But, because of cost, I resigned myself to the idea that this likely wasn’t the whole book anymore anyway and bought the pages that most interested me.  Each page contained two photos.

I slid the two photos out to see what I could see.  The first thing I noticed was this young girls photo was larger and had been chopped down to fit the book.  When we flip the card over we see…oh the carnagePre cutting, this card back probably looked like this….

The words basically say photographer of the Big Store in Louvre Paris.  The Big Store is a department store.   So we know where the card comes from.  I wonder if she lived there or if she was on vacation.   If you go here, you can read the history of the store and see photos.  It was started in 1855 under another name but wasn’t called the Grands Magasin until 1877.  In dating cabinet cards, the style of large cursive writing for the photographers name didn’t become common until the 1880s.  This is the best I can do with dating for this card but I suspect it isn’t that old.  The white backgrounds seemed to be more popular (in my inexpert experience) in the late 80s and the 90s.

I am mainly interested in cabinet cards with women in them as they help me see how the average woman dressed, accessorized, and did her hair.  This young thing wont be much help to me as I will never be that young again and trying to dress like her would look dumb but I really liked her collar.(Look at me…I figured out how to label, enlarge and crop photos on my paint program.  And my kid thinks I’m hopeless with modern technology!)

Next week I will show you the flip side of the page.



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