Random excerpts from Dr Gunns home medical book.

Random excerpts from Dr Gunn’s home medical book:

This got me wondering, if this isn’t one of the reasons why I got blue at the end of my 6 week medical leave from work….

“Without exercise of body and mind, there can be no happiness or health.  There is nothing like business (work), for enabling us to get through our weary existence.  The intellect can not sustain its sunshine flight long; the flagging wings drop to the earth.  Pleasure palls, and idleness gathers rags.  But,business gets over the hours without counting them.  We may be very tired at the end, still it has brought the day to a close sooner than any thing else.” (pg 12 of the introduction)

Still true today….

“And I may as well tell you here, as anywhere else, for it is the truth, that much medicine is taken, and many ineffectual attempt made, to cure diseases which have their origin in a disordered mind.” (pg 15 of the Remarks Chapter)

This photo was taken in the Pharmacy of the Urban Gallery in the Museum of Man and Nature.

Now we get to the weird stuff.  Can this possibly be true?

Dr Gunn was discussing the power of the mind in healing.  He relates a story of a French physician who wanted to test this idea so he received permission to experiment on a condemned prisoner.  The prisoner was the son of “distinguished parents.” The prisoner was told that in respect for his parents, he was being given the option to die in a more dignified manner than hanging.  The prisoner accepted the offer.

“At the time appointed the physicians repaired to the prison, and the criminal being extended on a table, his eyes were then securely bound, and he was slightly pricked, near the principal veins of the lags and arms, with the point of a pin.  At the corners of the table were placed four little fountains or basins, filled with warm water, from which poured several streams, falling into tubs placed on the floor to receive the water.  The poor criminal, thinking it was his blood that trickled down his arms and legs into the tubs, became weaker and fainter by degrees….(The scene) had so extraordinary an effect on the brain of the patient, that all his vital energies were soon gone, although a very strong man, weighing one hundred and ninety-five pounds, and he was dead in one hour and forty minutes, without having lost a single drop of blood.” (pg 16 & 17 of the Remarks Chapter)

Well, that was far-fetched (but fun reading)!  No references were cited so I have no idea of Dr Gunn’s “sources” for this.

Next week we have another story shared by Dr Gunn that had me saying to myself “Well, Duh!”  It was a sure sign that Dr Gunn was a man of his times!





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