I don’t feel like sewing…

I haven’t been excited about sewing for quite some time…even though I have an idea I’d love to have for Halloween.  But, I have been keen on getting back to some accessories projects that have been on the back burner for quite some time.

I spent my Sunday cleaning and doing laundry (yuck) but I also pulled out some beading supplies and strung up a couple of sets for myself.  The first one is an elephant bracelet and earrings.  I’m sure I have told you about my love of elephants so it is no surprise to you that I picked these up at a flea market in spite of the fact that the bracelet was broken.The vendor said they were real ivory.  I’ll take that with a grain of salt.  I wouldn’t know if it were real ivory or not.  I doesn’t feel like plastic but that is all I can say about that.  And I’m fairly certain that if it was real ivory there were some legal hoops that should have been jumped through that weren’t.  And being an elephant lover, I HOPE IT ISN’T IVORY!  I bought them thinking I could use them with costumes as Victorians were not to concerned about the fate of the animals they loved to wear but I think they look to 1970s…especially the earrings.

I also strung some fake red coral beads.  You can find red coral necklaces in flea markets fairly regularly and for reasonable amounts of money but I never seem to have reasonable amounts of money on me when they are around.  Red coral was popular to give to children as a ward against danger (that seems to come from Roman times).  Adults would wear it too.  You’d find it on parasols and jewelry.  I bought the fake beads to make for costuming but now I’m not so sure that it isn’t too simple for a matronly woman and is more suited for a child.Ah well, if upon more research, I discover it is too young-looking, I have a child or two I could give it too.  Or I can just wear it for modern wear.


2 thoughts on “I don’t feel like sewing…

  1. The Victorians weren’t as politically or environmentally correct as we are, were they. I haven’t seen any real ivory for sale in ages, which pleases and encourages me.

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