Thirteen years old?

I have a new cabinet card for you.  This little doll can’t be more than thirteen.Just look at her baby face.  She is highly decorated in beadwork, brooch, buttons and lace.  She has her hair done up in an adult hair style that is fairly typical for the 1880s.  The other unusual thing is the half-smile she has.  Most photographs I have seen there was not such an obvious smile!

The real treat with this card is the photographer.Sarony, Gold Medal Paris 1878, 37 Union Square, New York.

Napoleon Sarony was a well-known photographer in New York who was known for being quite excentric and who took the photographs of famous people.  Click the link the read more about him.  With him being so well-known, one needs to assume our young girl comes from a well off family.  I wonder who she was.

The phrase “Gold Medal Paris” comes from winning a gold medal in the Paris International Exhibition in 1878.  This tells me, our young girl was photographed after 1878 and before 1896 when Sarony died.  I believe the style of hair puts her in the 1880s.


4 thoughts on “Thirteen years old?

  1. She’s adorable, whoever she was. I love that sweet little smile of hers. I’ve heard of Sarony but didn’t know much about him. Thanks for that link!

  2. Actually, speaking of smiles in photographs, I just remembered have a digital photo that I took of a cabinet card, she’s the daughter of my dreamy Victorian Robert Cornelius—her name was Fanny, one of those great Victorian names. She’s got these great sausage curls, she’s probably about 15 in the photo, and she’s sort of smiling too, although not like this girl here.

    • It did happen but it wasn’t too common. Photos were a serious business…especially if you were not well off. Now a days you could have 100s a photos done of you in a year. You can afford to act a bit silly.

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