I got a bonus prize

When I bought my 1870s home medical book I got the bonus book mark which I showed you earlier on.  I got a second bonus hidden in the pages of the book.  A postcard-like thing.Written on the front is “Trust in the Lord and Do Good.  H.T. Crossley, John E Hunter”.   On the  back in teeny tiny handwriting was “April 18th 1906”. When I googled those names I got this site. The condensed version of this site is these two men were holding revival meetings in Manitoba Canada in July of 1906.  This card has a date 2 1/2 months prior to this time.  They were Methodist pastors who worked together for many years and helped build churches.

So the mystery that will never be answered is:  Did one of the previous owners of my medical book also attend one of the revival meetings held by these two and then put the card in the book?  Or (more likely option) did the card and the book get lumped together with all the other old crap in a box while in transport to the flea market.  And did the card accidentally get put/jammed into the book?   If I could have a super power, I’d like one where I could touch objects and learn their past.  Who held them.  Where did they belong in a house.  What went on around them.  How did they end up jammed in an old book.  If they could talk, what would they tell me.

What ever the cause, I found myself coming home with an old book I really wanted at a price I was OK with and finding two other “freebies” included.  Tickle my cheap skate heart!


2 thoughts on “I got a bonus prize

  1. Michael Fischer says:

    I was reading your story about H.T. Crossley & John E. Hunter. I came across a book in my closet titled. Songs Of Salvation Edited by, Rev. H T Crossley, with their picture in the book and inside it reads- Entered, according to the Act of the Parliament of Canada, in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty seven, by H.T. Crossley, in the office of the Minister of Agriculture at Ottawa. ( The picture I have, they look younger than your picture.)

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